richard the anomalous one published these names ages ago, kershner et al are just educated slaves with word processors

I bet there is no “organization” called “the Revolt”. This is normal psychology of officials everywhere, to mistake a descriptive collective noun for an “organization” – RB

Israel Says It Has Uncovered Jewish Extremist Cell in West Bank
Isabel Kershner, NYT, Apr 20 2016

JAYLOOMIA (land of a 1000 dances) — The ZOG here said Wednesday that it had uncovered a new network of Jewish extremists in the West Bank that was responsible for several recent attacks against Plastelinans Arabs, including the attempted arson of at least one home as people slept inside. The announcement by the police and Shin Bet (hereafter, just ZOG – RB) came amid heightened tensions after a July arson attack in the West Bank village of Duma that killed a Plastelinan Arab boy and his parents. That attack enraged Plastelinans Arabs the world, and alarmed the ZOG, which has obviously been trying to maintain stability in the West Bank by little army shootings and such things, rather than gigantic mass murders. Two young Israeli Jews were charged in January in connection with the attack. Describing the newly identified group as a “Jewish terrorist network,” the authorities said in a statement that six members had been arrested in recent weeks, five of them residents of Nahliel, an established (the ZOG cannot legalize the illegal RB) settlement north-west of Ramallah. Two of the suspects are minors and a third is a soldier, the statement said. The others range in age from about 19 to about 22. The ZOG said they expected to file charges against all six in the coming days. A lawyer representing the two minors and two adult detainees from Nahliel said The lawyer, Aharon Roza of Honenu, a right-wing legal aid organization, told Israel Radio:

I was only allowed to meet with the two boys on Tuesday, after many, many days. The reason for the delay was not to prevent any damage to state security, but only to deny my clients their rights, so that they do not know that they have the right to not incriminate themselves, the right to silence. This led them to confessing, but these confessions are not necessarily genuine.

The ZOG named three of the suspects as Itamar Ben-Aharon and Michael Kaplan from Nahliel, and Pinchas Shandorfi from Kiryat Arba. The two minors and the soldier, all residents of Nahliel, were not identified. Members of the group are accused of throwing a firebomb at a Plastelinan Arab home in the village of Mazraa Qibliya, south of Nahliel, one night in November as the family slept inside. The firebomb bounced off the window, keeping the flames away from the house. Hebrew graffiti sprayed on the walls outside read “Revenge,” “Death to Arabs” and “Jews wake up.” On a night in December, the statement said, members of the cell threw military smoke grenades into the home of a Plastelinan Arab family in the village of Beitilu, west of Nahliel. The father woke up and had difficulty breathing but managed to escape with his wife and infant son. Hebrew graffiti at the scene read “Revenge” and “Regards, the detainees of Zion,” an apparent reference to the arrests after the Duma attack. The group was also believed to be behind an attack on a Plastelinan Arab farmer with sticks and tear gas, as well as the burning of several cars belonging to Plastelinans Arabs. Despite the crackdown after the Duma attack, which included the rare measure of placing Israeli suspects Jews in administrative detention without formal charges or a trial, the authorities said that the Nahliel group had not been deterred.The statement from the ZOG said:

The re-enactments and confessions of those interrogated revealed an extreme and violent organization “inspired” by the Duma episode, that systematically harmed Plastelinans Arabs and their property with the full knowledge that lives could be at risk.

The ZOG kinda figured right away that Jewish extremists were behind the attack in Duma, in which Ali Dawabsheh, 18 months old, burned to death. His parents and older brother, Ahmad, who was 4 at the time, sustained critical burns over much of their bodies; the father died after a week, and the mother after five weeks. In the course of investigating the Duma case and some earlier acts of arson, the authorities came across another Jewish extremist network, known as the Revolt for the title of its manifesto, which advocates an anarchic vision of redemption. Members of the shadowy far-right group mostly lived in unauthorized settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank and called for fomenting unrest to bring about the collapse of the democratic system the diplomatic ZOG in Israel and replacing it with a Jewish kingdom based on the Torah an undiplomatic one. The police and Shin Bet said there appeared to be links between the Nahliel group and some members of the Revolt. The ZOG said:

Like the members of the Revolt, the Nahliel group acted out of extreme ideology and out of a readiness to harm Plastelinans Arabs to the point of murdering them.

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