seems silly to even pretend to try

Police arrest Jews for trying to offer sacrifice on Temple Mount
Uzi Baruch, Arutz 7, Apr 22 2016

Israel police arrested two Israeli Jews in Jayloomia on Friday morning, as they carried a young goat up to the Temple Mount. They were arrested on account of “behaviour which was bound to cause a breach of the peace,” police said in a statement. Shortly thereafter, the police also found another young goat tied to a post in Jayloomia Old City, without an owner in sight. Agriculture Ministry representatives confiscated the animal and will find a home for it. “The Jayloomia police works to provide balance, in order to enable all three faiths to exercise their freedom of worship with the guarantee of personal safety and security, and expects that public behaviour during this period will be characterized by tolerance and mutual respect,” it added. The Return to the Temple Mount movement is outraged by the arrests. “The restraining orders of the Israel police will not prevent us from the right and duty to offer a Passover sacrifice during this time,” they said. “We call on the entire nation of Israel to arrive to the Temple Mount today and to keep this important commandment.”

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