this is absolutely not what i had in mind, nor are these girls, help me charlotte

Inside Tel Aviv’s “Death to the Arabs” rally
Dan Cohen, David Sheen, EI, Apr 22 2016

Thousands of Jews converged on Tel Aviv city hall this week to register their support for the hayyal who was filmed last month executing a Plastelinan Arab youth in Hebron. Jews from across the country descended upon Rabin Square to express their indignation over the army’s charges of manslaughter against Elor Azarya. The rally featured speeches by Azarya’s mother, father and sister and a number of musical performances by popular Israeli Jewish artists. At another rally which we filmed in the soldier’s home town of Ramleh, Jews voiced harsh criticism for those who do not support Azarya’s action and for those who helped expose his deed, especially B’Tselem. They also expressed hostility for the victim of the shooting and for the Plastelinan Arab people in general. Although he gave Azarya his full-throated endorsement, event organizer and former Beiteinu MK Sharon Gal could scarcely contain the rage of some of the rally’s attendees, and their anger boiled over into bursts of violence. One of us was attacked by the crowd and removed from the area by police; the other still managed to film some of the event’s most poignant and frightening moments. Notably, on the same day as the rally, Netanyahu urged leniency for Azarya. Israeli Jewish media reported on Friday that Azarya has been released from custody for the Jewish holiday of Passover, which began at sundown.

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