although col cassad continues to do promos for the russia air force, the murid sees the uselessness

Severe degradation
El Murid, Apr 22 2016

The results of today’s serious security Council comes as no surprise. Rather, one can only wonder that so soon started to sounded extremely her hair done (причесанная), but still information that is contrary to all previous statements, including the most senior level. TASS reports: “during the meeting … expressed grave concern at the serious deterioration of the situation at the Geneva talks on the Syrian settlement.” In translation into Russian it is about the complete failure of these negotiations. Frankly, they are not immune to the procedural part, and ended with an actual point of view. No truce is already out of the question: “moderate terrorists” have begun fighting shoulder to shoulder with quite excessive and terrorist groups in Northern Syria, including in Latakia. In some villages a truce with the help of local elders continues to operate, but here we are talking mainly (not) about the rebels, (but about) natives of these villages and villages that are not so much fighting with the authorities, but simply with weapons drove all, both the authorities and fighters, and keep the defense from all by a principle “a Plague on all your houses.” The number of such villages for the month of the armistice did not exceed hundreds on all Syria. I should not even say it’s microscopic amounts, not affecting anything. The only target that was cited in support of Russian direct military intervention, was voiced by Putin on Oct 11 2015:

The main task of the Russian operation in Syria is to stabilize the legitimate government and create conditions for a political compromise.

Then there was a new version, for which Russia was involved in military adventure in Syria: fighting ISIS “on distant approaches.” Finally, yesterday Putin said:

Provided Russia supports the legitimate government of Syria helped prevent a collapse of the state, the state itself, to preserve the institutions and avoid further victims among the civilian population.

On Apr 7, Putin said that the Russian airforce in Syria was strengthening the country’s statehood and legitimate government bodies. In this sense, our armed forces, and this not only HQs course, this task was done, he said. (Syria’s) statehood was strengthened, and its structure of government, and the armed forces of the Syrian Republic. Imperceptibly but steadily the topic of forced negotiations “Syrian opposition” with the government came to naught. This topic is now taboo. Ну не выходит каменный цветок, хоть как тужься. It is not surprising that the talks derailed. The “Syrian opposition”, the beast so exclusive that five years of war was nowhere to be found. From what cannibal and slasher variants called by the opposition, травояднее they did not. However, the question: what, strictly speaking, we in Syria do not have a clear and consistent answer. The President, judging by the fact that each time presents a new version of events, and he doesn’t really understand, what exactly is he doing in Syria anyway, in the format in which this appears, may say, “help”. Therefore, it is necessary to state at the security Council about a certain “degradation of the situation in the negotiations.” Why would it not be degraded, if neither Putin nor Assad, and even more certainly the terrorists, I have no idea what it is necessary to agree. Seriously resolution of the security Council, where Assad must voluntarily put his head under the knife in December of the following year, as it is not necessary. That is, for the Kremlin, which voted for this resolution, this development does not look as bad, but the problem is that Assad is still not Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, and therefore so easy to give it instructions does not work. And this creates some problems that require you to talk about the “degradation situations.” Печалька, однако.

El Murid, Apr 23 2016

Iran’s proposal to Assad to grant asylum to him and his family looks very disturbing. We can assume that the information is accurate; in any case, it was held yesterday and today on many of the world’s media, and the denial is still there, although typically the Syrian propaganda is very quick to respond to outright ballot stuffing. Called not some anonymous sources, but a very recognizable name: Qassem Soleimani, who proposed asylum, called the Minister of Intelligence of Iran, Alawi, and which was the source of the proposal. All this means that Iran assesses personal perspective Assad is very bad. The offer of care is made not so much for the care, how to ensure that after the refusal of Assad (to be expected), that is, to do his duty as an ally. With prospects and though not by much. Today Jabhat al-Nusra with the support of the federated “moderate” terrorists from the pro-Turkish groups supported by the Turkish artillery attacked positions of the Syrian army for over 250 km from the border of Kessab to Louts; not in a continuous фротном, but at separate sites. However, the coordination of the offensive does not leave illusions: the attack was carefully planned and linked by time, place, and time. The offensive seems to be repulsed, but the trend is clear. The truce is no longer valid, although the Syrians continue to assure that they adhere to it and opened fire only in response to attacks.

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