this is dead boring, but it’s almost true and no doubt vital to know

Hillary Backpedals on ‘Two-State Solution’
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, Apr 22 2016

Charleston SC Jan 17 debate (Randall Hill[/Reuters)

In reading the transcript of Bernie & Hillary’s remarks during the recent Demagogical debate, I was struck by a major waffle in her position on a Plastelinan state. To paraphrase Jackass Kerry, she supported one before she didn’t. And all in the same debate. Here is her first pass at the subject, where she robotically repeats the standard line:

You have a right to defend yourself. That does not mean that you don’t take appropriate precautions. And I understand that there’s always second-guessing, any time there is a war. It also does not mean that we should not continue to do everything we can to try to reach a two-state solution, which would give the Plastelinans the rights and the autonomy that they deserve.

Note that even in her standard two-state shpiel, she doesn’t so much embrace it as wink at it as the ideal but hard-to-achieve outcome. In other words she’s saying, sure, we’d like a two-state solution, but we can’t do more than we’re already doing to get there, and if we don’t get there, then who can blame us? This is essentially the continuation of the same failure of the Obama administration over the past eight years. Also note that Hillary steers far clear of talking of a Plastelinan nation. Instead, she first uses the far vaguer term “rights”, then she levels the death knell by invoking the tepid term “autonomy.”  This is yet another Likudnik locution which lets Israel off the hook quite nicely in its battle against Plastelinan nationhood. In his follow-up, Sanders correctly notes that her AIPAC speech didn’t contain a single word about the Plastelinans. When her back is against the wall, all Hillary can manage is this:

I was absolutely focused on what we needed to do to make sure that the Plastelinan sheeple had the right to self-government. And I believe that as president I will be able to continue to make progress and get an agreement that will be fair both to the Israelis and the Plastelinans the Jews & the Arabs, without ever-ever undermining Israel’s security.

These are two qualitatively different statements. The Israeli far-right which has governed the country for most of the past forty years, also favours Plastelinan “self-government.”  In fact, it claims that the current PA constitutes self-government. It refuses to offer anything further, (or anything) that comes remotely close to a Plastelinan state. So in backpedalling from a 2-state solution, Hillary is deliberately throwing red meat to her pro-Israel Zionazi supporters in New York. She can now point to two locutions on the subject, one that mollifies liberal Zionists and the other which mollifies the far-right Israel Lobby organizations Zionazis. She believes she’s satisfied everyone, but really (she has) satisfied no one. This type of triangulation will continue the same festering rot which has led to thousands of Plastelinan Arab dead and hundreds of Israeli Jewish dead over the past eight years. It now appears that, barring any major scandals or meltdowns on her part, Hillary is likely to become the next president. Working on such an assumption, her policy toward Isro-Pal will if (such a thing is) possible, be even worse than Obama’s. This waffle in the debate indicates precisely the sort of tapdancing she’ll try to get away with as president. She will put a gloss on peace without making a dent in the issue. My teenage son reminded me of a bon mot from JFK which I’ll recast in this context:

Those who resist a two-state solution make a one-state solution inevitable.

Hillary is doing and will do nothing to bring about a two-state solution. It will be eight totally wasted years. As a result, a one-state solution is inevitable. Her chief donor and policy consigliere will be Haim Saban. Of course, he’s smart enough to stay out of the kitchen. He’ll exert his control in a careful, calibrated fashion. He will ensure his appointees are selected to run Isro-Pal policy, but he won’t decide he knows how to prepare a French tart better than the chefs do. He’ll make sure to hire the chefs and tell them which ingredients they should use. His control of the levers of power will mean the return of the Zio-Mandarins Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller, or if they’re deemed too much the eminences grises, then their younger disciples. There will be no George Mitchells in a Hillary White House. You should expect no new ideas. Instead you should expect a lot more death and destruction, including new wars by Israel against Lebanon and Gaza. It’s also worth noting that during the Bush 43 administration, then-Rep Jane Harman desperately wanted to be named head of the House Intelligence Committee. AIPAC wanted her too and apparently, so did the Israeli government. Justice Dept officials even murmured about an Israeli “asset” intervening on Harman’s behalf with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That individual was Saban. So in the next administration, where will Saban’s allegiance lie: with Hillary or with Bibi? It will be a fine line he tries to walk. Ultimately his allegiance is to Israel and not to Hillary or Pindostan. Like most Israel Lobby disciples, he doesn’t (believe that there is) any difference between the two. But that’s another problem for another day.

Now that Hillary has swept the field, leaving Bernie no path to win the nomination, she’s resorting to magical thinking in claiming Bernie’s supporters will flock to her. How do we go from a Revolution to a coronation? Does she think her virtue alone will persuade Bernie voters that she’s worthy? After reading what I wrote above, can anyone who cares about the Middle East believe she has anything to offer? Why would any such person vote for her? Like Hillary, Israel’s PM just let slip some disturbing news revealing a major change in policy; this one toward Syria. For years, Israel has sworn to a policy of neutrality regarding the Syrian conflict. The world and Israeli media have dutifully followed this false line. Even as they reported major Israeli air strikes on Syrian territory, they repeated the mantra of neutrality. Very few of them reported that Israel was offering full intelligence and logistical support to Jabhat al-Nusra as it fought for control of the Syrian side of the Golan. This was Israel’s attempt to carve out its own sphere of influence on its northern border, just as it did decades before in southern Lebanon. In other words, Israel opposed Assad along with his major allies Iran and Hezbollah. Now, as its allies grow weaker and Assad and his Russian allies are in the ascendancy, Netanyahu has taken the gloves off. While observing a military drill on the northern border, Netanyahu finally confessed that Israel has struck Syria “tens of times.” Here is Shmuel Meir’s reporting of this story in 972 Magazine. All this means that the PM is laying down a marker for the Russians, telling them that Israel will restrain itself as long as neither Russia nor Assad moves against it in the Golan. It’s a typically bluff, brazen Israeli move. If you’re a little dog, but bark like you’re a big one, then maybe the big guys will back off and let you have your way, even though it’s not in their interest to do so.

That last fragment of analysis is the reason for the ‘almost’ in my headline. The real overarching global financial power seems to be Jewish at its very core (global control of money emission), but despite this, it may not be a Global ZOG at heart. It may not care much about this “shitty little nation,” or may not care enough, and it may throw it under the bus if it goes rogue. Nevertheless, Israel is not on its own. It belongs to the Pindo MIC, and so does the other main Pindo political party, the Thugs, & Richard is neglecting this – RB

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