“are all the colonels in israeli security as pretty as you?” no dear, no

Settler Terrorist ‘Gang of Seven’ Identified, Includes IDF Soldier, Gag Broken
Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, Apr 26 2016

2709921280Najjar home in Beitillu. Graffiti:“Vengeance, regards from the Prisoners of Zion.”

Red China had the Gang of Four. Israel has the Gang of Seven. Haaretz reports that seven young settler terrorists have been indicted for racist crimes against Plastelinans, including throwing tear gas and Molotov cocktails into a residential home. Bear in mind that Plastelinans have died of gas inhalation, in circumstances in which they weren’t in a confined room when a canister landed near them. The state has accused them of being a Jewish terror cell operating in the Ramallah area over the past several years. One of the suspects is an active duty IDF soldier who stole IDF materiel to use in the attacks. Among the weaponry he appropriated were flares, stun grenades, and rifle magazines and parts for an M-16 rifle. The attacks were directed against the village of Beitillu, which adjoins the settlement of Nachliel. The terrorists were motivated to act in support of those settlers who murdered the Dawabsheh family. They sought to send a message to the Shabak that the arrest of those suspects would not end attacks against Plastelinans. They were clever in assigning the minor suspects to be the actual perpetrators, since they presumably would receive much lighter sentences. They selected the Najjar family’s home, opened a window, determining there were people present, and threw the tear gas canister into it. The parents and a baby were inside. Unlike the Dawabshehs, the Najjars succeeded in fleeing.

If the Nachliel cell had been operating for several years, then it appears that the Shabak was only moved to act against it after the Duma murders focused the attention of the world on the inadequacies of the anti-terror agency. Though I reported the names of a number of the suspects while they were still under gag order, the Shabak has now permitted the media to report the names of four of the seven. It has retained a gag on identifying the names of the two minor suspects and the IDF soldier. Haaretz’s English report for some reason retains his name, but the Hebrew version has been censored. Possibly Col Ben Avraham’s English is worse than her Hebrew?? Remember the Israeli censor saying her only job was to protect the security of the State, (and that) she never protects the reputation of the army or acts to prevent its embarrassment? Bull! In this case, she’s censored mention of the soldier because it will sully the army and implicate it in a case of terrorism. It will further show that recruiting the Haredim into military units brings with it the hate and racism that infects that community. In a related case, a Haredi who was off duty and out of uniform raised his loaded weapon and cocked it while pointed at a Plastelinan pedestrian who offered him no threat. Here are all the terror suspects, including the minors:

  • Israel Shandorfi (of the haredi Netzach Yehuda IDF Battalion)
  • Pini Shandorfi (former soldier who refused orders to evacuate illegal settlement)
  • Shneur Dana
  • Michael Kaplan
  • Itamar Ben Aharon
  • Baruch Shandorfi (minor)
  • Malachi Hefer (minor)

The Shandorfis are the sons of the Rabbi Yigael Shandorfi who called Barack Obama a “nigger” and “that Arab president.” He’s also been arrested for violently opposing evacuations of illegal outposts. As a rabbi, he receives a state salary, which makes his homicidal, racist views and deeds a reflection of the State itself.

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