whips & gingerbread

Trip Nuland in Kiev
El Murid, Apr 27 2016

The visit of Nuland to Kiev and its trip sparingly covered in both Ukrainian and Russian press. Rare commentary has been very biased in nature and depended only on the sharpened a commentator. However, it seems that this trip was not just work, but purely prescriptive. No ideological pumping, strictly a business division of responsibilities, with very clear whips and gingerbread for each item. Pindostan entered an election cycle, so Obama intends to close a number of current problems in order to pass to the future President the opportunity to start their policy if not from scratch, it definitely won’t be raking the rubble of the old. Donbass is such a blockage, but because it’s supposed to clean up the current administration. Pindostan decided to cut the Gordian knot of the impasse, which hit the Kremlin and Kiev. The Kremlin insists on its priority in the “implementation” of the Minsk agreement, Kiev, on its (own priority). For the Kremlin it is crucial to surrender the boundaries of Ukraine, last of all, after all the other points of Minsk. It can be understood in the Kremlin that the war was lost, and just wants to save face, especially because in the fall elections, and there begins an election year already before the presidential election. In the country’s growing chaos and disaster, you want to save the beauty at least on the outer “track”. Kiev, quite reasonably feeling like a winner, cheeky presses with the demand: first the border, then we’ll see. And here is deadlock.

Pindostan routinely takes on the role of arbitrator and dilutes the subordinate wild Bantustans in different corners of the ring, explaining to everyone what he’s supposed to do. Kiev is prescribed as soon as possible, before the end of May, to take all the required laws and no later than July to hold elections in LDNR. Under these conditions, the OSCE takes control of the entire territory of the LDNR, all the armed militias and armed police enter a mission on the territory of the “People’s Republics.” In fact, it has already been reported by Poroshenko that Putin (agreed), so that the question is solved. The demand is accompanied by threat of not granting the next tranche of the IMF in the event of a default by Kiev of conditions, and the second carrot, the stated firm intention of Faschingstein on the termination of the sanctions regime against Russia in 2017. Do what you want, but the sanctions imposed on Russia, we take off: here is the statement Nuland. However, here there is a nuance that actually is the default: we are not talking about sanctions imposed on Russia over the Crimea. That’s the part that Obama leaves to his successor, Clinton or Trump. Over the name of the successor there are still questions. Even Clinton (is not exactly glatt kosher – RB), and with Trump scared the Pindosi establishment in general try to close the issue as a person who went against the system. But in the end, it is a case of white people: no one will report such details (regarding) blacks (?).

However, with regard to the Donbass, here the requirement of Nuland should be performed in 2016 unconditionally. If so, then in May we should see a consistent decision of Parliament on acceptance necessary for the conduct of elections in the “People’s Republics” of laws, then enter the armed police of the OSCE mission on their territory under the guise of monitoring elections, then the election itself and the massive sweep of all figures of revolution with the arrival in Donetsk and Lugansk of a system of representatives from Ukropea, autumn leaves for the conclusion of “vacationers” and the Russian volunteers from the territory of Donbass, and then the transfer of the border and the establishment of constitutional order with the massacre of the vanquished. But this, of course, no one will see or hear: TV will be abruptly switched to some other tremendous victory, then the problem will be closed. Eternal dream of Donbass back to Ukraine come to pass, so it will be with a sigh of relief to close that chapter. Ahead of the Crimea, and what to do with it: the one to solve it will be the new President of Pindostan. To forgive Putin this nice prank or not, will become a headache of someone other than Obama. Meanwhile, in Donetsk accepted unspoken rule of Russian volunteers in the ranks of the militias no longer make, and possibly start their dismissal followed by deportation to Russia. Will be tightened border regulations, will be undergoing new census of all those present on the territory of “foreigners” with the capture of each and their movements “on the pencil.” In Lugansk, apparently, the situation is symmetric.

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