an unexpectedly precise vector for my affections: namely, women at HUJI victimized by this spectacle of oppression conducted in their name but without their consent

Maybe not my best headline, but I have to try. HUJI was created by British Jews who simply ignored what they regarded as the native hovels infesting the place. However, I am more interested in the unspoiled (unspoilable) charms of Jewish womanhood, combined with acres of advanced scholarship in a language I love (though so far I can only speak it in my dreams). Writing simple romantic prose is not easy under these conditions, but I am quite capable of it, just like I’m quite capable of learning hebrew. You may anticipate an outburst soon, in which I just dismiss all extraneous considerations completely and surrender to what/who I really love. Anybody who thinks that that is wrong of me, is naive (among other things) – RB

PACBI call for boycott of genocide conference at HUJI
Rania Khalek, Electronic Intifada, Apr 27 2016

shirabe1A HUJI bulldozer demolishing homes to build dormitories in Nov 2004 (Photo: Shirabe Yamada)

The Plastelinan Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has called for a boycott of this year’s conference in Jayloomia of the International Network of Genocide Scholars. PACBI says that INoGS should not be holding its meeting on stolen Plastelinan Arab land in partnership with Israeli Jewish academic institutions that are complicit in Israel’s the Jewish military occupation. The title of this year’s conference is ironically “Intersections: Holocaust Scholarship, Genocide Research and Histories of Mass Violence” (note the one-word pre-title title “Intersections”, a pretentious garbage abstraction de rigeur in trendy publishing for the last half century – RB). In a letter published last month, PACBI urges “scholars, UN officials and people of conscience to boycott this conference and refrain from lending their names to covering up serious violations of international law.” One of the scheduled speakers is Adama Dieng (some sort of anti-genocide boxtop for Ban Ki-moon; who gives a fuck about any of this garbage anyway? – RB). The letter asks “academic associations to discourage their members from participating in this conference, and to take a public stance against it.” The conference is scheduled to take place from Jul 26-29 at HUJI’s Mount Scopus campus, some of which was constructed on land that Israel illegally expropriated from Plastelinans in East Jayloomia after Israel militarily occupied the West Bank in 1967 (I’m so tired of the way they regurgitate all the same dead, robotic gibberish all the time – RB) .The PACBI letter states:

Mount Scopus campus buildings and facilities were expanded as a result of the illegal Israeli Jewish confiscation in 1968 of 3,345 dunums of Plastelinan Arab land, which is deemed occupied territory under international law.

To make matters worse (Let us add further imaginary bullshit to the useless symbolic edifice so painfully being constructed here – RB), the conference website lists the event location as “Jayloomia Israel,” even though no country in the world, not even the truly divine Pindostan, which towers above any conceivable god, past present or future, recognizes Israeli Jewish sovereignty over the city. Nevertheless, Israel the Jews continue to ethnically cleanse and colonize East Jayloomia with impunity. The western half of the city was ethnically cleansed of its Plastelinan Arab inhabitants in a series of massacres and forced expulsions by Zionist forces Jews during the Nakba in 1948. PACBI states:

The conference is sponsored by five deeply complicit Israeli Jewish academic institutions. Israeli Jewish universities are profoundly complicit in developing weapon systems and military doctrines deployed in recent Israeli Jewish war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza; justifying the ongoing colonization of Plastelinan Arab land, rationalizing the gradual ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Plastelinans Arabs; providing moral justification for extra-judicial killings and indiscriminate attacks against civilians; systematically discriminating against ‘non-Jewish’ students in admissions, dormitory room eligibility, financial aid etc; and many other implicit and explicit violations of human rights and international law.

Indeed, Israeli Jewish universities are enthusiastic participants in the Israeli Jewish war machine at every level, from the development of military policy to shouldering the costs of bombing campaigns. HUJI was one of many to reward “warrior students” who took part in the 2014 Israeli Jewish military assault on Gaza which killed 2,251 Plastelinans Arabs, including 551 children. The letter also notes:

(This genocide conference) has been called for at a time when Israeli Jewish state terrorism is being exposed to the world. .. Israeli Jewish police, military and fundamentalist settler lynch mobs have been savagely attacking Plastelinan Arab protesters and committing crimes with impunity … encouraged to do so by the racial incitement of Israeli Jewish leaders. (This is the consequence of) a dominant culture of racism and intolerance that has been instilled over decades in Israeli Jewish society by the state.

One of the most deplorable aspects of this year’s INoGS conference is that it claims to address genocide while allying with institutions complicit in an occupation that some scholars Jews, including Ilan Pappe and Michael Ratner, argue amounts to genocide. Moreover, Israel the self-declared ‘Jewish state’ is currently led by the most openly racist government in its history, filled with leaders who regularly make genocidal statements and incite violence, from culture minister Miri Regev labelling African refugees “a cancer” to justice minister Ayelet Shaked identifying Plastelinan Arab babies as “little snakes” whose births should be prevented by slaughtering their mothers. At the very least, says PACBI:

Whether the decades-old Israeli Jewish crimes against the Plastelinan people Arabs meet the UN definition of genocide or not, they should make any honest scholar think twice before participating in a conference on genocide organized by Israeli Jewish universities on occupied Plastelinan Arab land.

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