as usual jackass needs to keep his big mouth shut, to avoid braying in his unseemly way

Jackass belches, grimaces peculiarly & gestures towards camera
Jon Herskovitz, Reuters, Apr 27 2016

Jackass Kerry said on Wednesday he feels all Pindostanis should find a way to serve their country, suggesting the need for a renewal in public service that could also affect the military. Jackass said at the University of Texas in Austin (during a ‘forum on the Vietnam War’, whatever that is):

I have deep reservations about just an all-volunteer military. There should be shared responsibility among all Pindostanis. I think that is one of the best ways you don’t have wars. Every Pindostani ought to find a way to serve somehow. It doesn’t have to be in the military. I like the idea that everybody ought to give back something (for what, exactly? – RB).

Jackass said numerous deployments overseas under the current system placed enormous burdens on military families (which is doubtless true, but irrelevant, Plus, Jackass is an antiwarhero bollocks, all omitted – RB) Jackass said said that among the lessons from Vietnam (the ones that stupid people like to imagine will be learned – RB), is that Pindostanis must always treat returning veterans with dignity and respect, regardless of whether a war was popular or unpopular. Jackass, whose nonsensical meanderings as a Senator failed to prevent the restoration of lucrative diplomatic ties with Vietnam, will accompany Steppin Fetchit on a trip there next month.

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