it’s ridiculous to suggest that USG should pay wikipedia to compensate them for the fact that the pindo creeple are too scared to browse the web

There is an uncaptioned photo of Obama wedged into this story at, even though he isn’t mentioned. This is just because J Ditz, J Raimondo and the other Thug Jews who edit are more or less on the same level of bestial stupidity as Alex Jones. That is to say, they are subhuman, even if they are of Jewish descent. All of them are pro-Trump, which gives you the gist. The Pindo geology seems to rot their souls, all of them. To hell with Pindostan, including all its Jews – RB

NSA Surveillance Has Chilling Effort on Internet Browsing
Jason Ditz,, Apr 27 2016

A new study in the Berkeley Technology Law Journal found that traffic on Wikipedia articles considered “sensitive” or terror-related plummeted drastically in the immediate wake of revelations about broad NSA surveillance of Internet use. This is the latest data to suggest NSA surveillance is having a chilling effect on the behaviour of average individuals (sic! “average individuals!” That’s you, Pindo creeple! Enjoy it! – RB), who are increasingly afraid of reading about perfectly legal topics because they believe it might make them a target of the government. The research is seen particularly likely to aid an ACLU lawsuit by Wikipedia against the NSA and DoJ, showing that the non-profit was indeed harmed by the mighty omnipotent ZOG’s increasingly aggressive surveillance schemes. A study last month from Wayne State University had similarly provided evidence that the Pindo creeple are increasingly unwilling to express “controversial” views online, if they believe those views are likely to be seen by the mighty omnipotent ZOG.

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