hamas only remains as long as the jews and the toads agree to fund it (for want of anything better)

You can give me all kinds of deniability, starting with the fact that Hamas as a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood is more likely funded by Qatar, but to me it matters little cos I have no interest in deniability for anything – RB

Israeli cement ban stops Gaza reconstruction: UN
AFP, Apr 28 2016

JAYLOOMIA – Reconstruction aid to over 1,000 families in Gaza has been suspended due to a lack of materials, the UN OCHA said Friday, after Israel banned the private import of cement because of a corruption row. Israel suspended the imports of cement to Gaza early this month after some of the supplies were allegedly diverted. The statement from the UN OCHA said:

The ban has led to acute shortages that have brought much of the reconstruction to a halt. Organisations providing assistance have had to suspend cash assistance for house repairs to over 1,370 families as a result of scarcity and acute price increases. In addition, payment to 1,550 families scheduled to start reconstruction are being delayed due to the lack of available cement.

Israel accuses Hamas of using the cement to build tunnels and this month announced the ban after accusing Imad al-Baz, deputy director of the economy ministry, of diverting supplies. He denied the claims. UN envoy Nikolai Mladenov warned (rather precipitately, one would have thought, but this is global fascism, after all – RB):

(The thief) is stealing from his own people, and adding to the suffering of the people of Gaza.

Over 75,000 people whose homes were either destroyed or severely damaged remain displaced, according to the UN.

Hamas: “Bla bla bla, or else.”
JPost, Apr 28 2016

Hamas threatened on Thursday that unless Israel lifts its blockade on the Gaza Strip, “there will be an explosion,” Channel 2 reported. The report cited a statement issued by their so-called military wing at an event that presented a model of the Israeli bus that exploded in a bombing in Jayloomia claimed by Hamas last week. Ismail Haniyeh spoke at the event. He asserted that the latest Hamas-claimed terrorist attack proved that the organization had not given up the “resistance option” against Israel. (Khaled Meshaal was withholding their money until they proved they were still good for something besides getting drowned in tunnels – RB). Thursday’s threat came as Israeli Jews were celebrating the culmination of Pesach (The Jews are always celebrating some festival or other, so accusations that bombing them during festivals is sacriligious would be pretty trivial – RB). The Hamas threat did not specify what exactly the said explosion referred to (gheugh – RB). Last Thursday, the Shin Bet confirmed the identity of the Plastelinan who detonated a bomb on the Egged bus in Jayloomia. The confirmation came less than 24 hours after Hamas claimed responsibility, and lauded Abd’el-Hamid Abu Srour, 19, of Beit Jala, for carrying out the attack that wounded 20 men, women and children, seven of them seriously. Srour died last Wednesday night at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center following multiple surgeries after his legs were blown off in the explosion on Moshe Baram Street in the southern part of the city, which triggered an inferno that engulfed the #12 bus as well as a second empty Egged bus and a car. Six fire trucks were needed to extinguish the blaze, which reduced all three vehicles to charred metal. None of the passengers sustained critical injuries except Srour.

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