we can rely on danon to make a real mess of this

UNSC to meet on ‘protection of Plastelinan Arab civilians’
Times of Israel, Apr 28 2016

NY — The UNSC will hold an informal meeting on May 6 on the protection of Plastelinan Arab civilians, an issue the PA has pressed for decades and say is more needed now than ever. PA Ambassador Riyad Mansour said four UNSC members, Egypt, Senegal, Venezuela and Malaysia, are organizing the meeting which will hear briefings from a legal scholar, an AI rep and others. Last October, the UNGA sent the UNSC a study on precedents in addressing the protection of civilians in conflicts around the world. Mansour told reporters Wednesday that the meeting is a first step toward action that the UNSC must take. He said:

Our desire is to find any form of protection to protect our people from the brutality of this occupation.

Israel’s UN Ambassador D Danon responded to the announcement of the council meeting by saying:

The Plastelinans are continuing to lie to the world, and turn to the international community with ridiculous claims, instead of focusing their efforts on fighting terror and incitement.

Danon and Mansour last week turned a UNSC debate into a shouting match as they exchanged cries of “Shame on you!” over the ongoing violence. Danon broke off an address to the UNSC to demand that Mansour condemn acts of terrorism. “Shame on you for glorifying terrorism!” Danon said. “Shame on you for killing Plastelinan Arab children!” Mansour shot back. On Wednesday at an NY press conference, Mansour said that Israel, like the Nazis, calls its opponents ‘terrorists’. Danon said the ‘despicable’ comparison warranted condemnation from the imaginary ‘international community’.

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