humour of the do-it-yourself variety

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Meanwhile, humour of the Pindo Jewish variety

In the House of representatives of the Pindo Congress registered a new bill that defines the Pindo position on the illegal occupation of the Crimea by Russia, intensifies sanctions against it and offers innovative methods to help Ukraine. About it reports “Voice of America”. Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Adam Kenziner (R-Il) said on Friday that they have proposed a bill that concerns the current crisis in Ukraine. They were joined by a group of 14 other critturs, with the bipartisan leadership of the Ukrainian “Caucus” in the House of representatives, which suggested the instrument for stability and democracy in Ukraine (somehow this generates the acronym STAND).
The authors of the bill write:

Russian aggression has undermined the sovereignty of Ukraine and simultaneously threatens the long-term investment (sic – RB) of Pindostan in a whole, free and peaceful Europe. The occupation of Crimea by Russia is illegal. On this issue, Pindosi policy should be clear, as in the case of multi-year Soviet occupation of the Baltic States, while maintaining transatlantic unity.

Eliot Engel delivered himself of the following piece of instant Jewish eloquence:

The STAND Act makes it clear that Pindostan will not stand idly by at a time when Putin is bullying his neighbors, testing the resolve of NATO, and trying to undermine the unity of the Western nations.

Adam Kenziner being the #2 said merely:

It is time that Pindostan confirm that we will not indulge Russian aggression. We will never recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.

The STAND Act increases sanctions against Russia and rejects any form of recognition of domination of Russia over the Crimea. It clearly defines the right of Ukraine to self-defence, and links any easing of sanctions with the timely and full implementation of the Minsk agreements. In particular, the bill introduces restrictions on the transfer to Russia of certain items and services for military use by the member countries of NATO that contain Pindo shithead tricknology of any sort, for as long as it occupies by force the territory of Ukraine or any member country of NATO. It also extends the Magnitsky Act to all territory occupied or controlled by Russia, such as Crimea, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria. It also promotes investment in Ukraine and instructs the State Dept to enter a strategy in response to the Russian propaganda and misinformation. It asks the administration, in consultation with the Ukrainian government, to find ways of creating an international consortium with the aim of attracting private investment to Ukraine by reducing political risk for future private investors. It directs the State Dept to develop and implement a strategy of response to Russian efforts of disinformation and propaganda against the Russian-speaking population in the countries bordering Russia. It increases sanctions against Russia and rejects any form of recognition of domination of Russia over the Crimea.

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