odessa commemorations going ahead for may 2

Screenshot from 2016-04-30 21:23:01

Above: Cotic (Strelkov) on the forum. Below: Strelkov evidently proposing something. He now lives in Moscow, apparently very much on sufferance, and therefore is better placed than ever to act as a provocateur while seeming to take personal risks of his own by his ‘outspokenness’. The Murid and Ani Al will probably be furious; this is why they stopped working with him. It is probably what underlay his split with the much-missed General “Gloomy” Petrovsky (callsign “Bad Soldier”) – RB

For the last night in Odessa was about 60 searches – SBUshniki and Tommy Alpha was looking for standard explosives and agitation. Seized computers, whether there were any arrests is unknown but most likely, there were. Here are the pre-activities towards a bright May Day, Easter and May 2. Work proactively with those who are not sitting (in jail – RB), but in the lists of candidates for something potentially. Pindosi armoured vehicles on the streets, not very many. In the Odessa strange. It is unlikely that there is expected a large-scale Pro-Russian demo. But all evil spirits were driven a lot. Rather, it seems that Главгрызун (lit: “rodent head” – RB) under the guise decided to deal with competitors and to clean up Odessa for himself. (autotranslated link). Special сюр patrols on the streets in camouflage and German shepherds for colour. Can’t get one is right here: (autotranslated link). But actually, галстукоед (Saakashvili) is a protege of the State Dept, and his removal may mean that the events of the VNA come out from under the control of the owners. While he enjoys “popular support” and actively digs under Trukhanova & Co in general, you may be interested. Importantly, we in this batch were not included.

UPD: The Odessa district court has decided to forbid carrying out on Dumskaya square on May 2, the day of memory of victims of the tragedy in the House of trade unions in 2014, of any events dedicated to this date. Thus the claim of the City Council of Odessa, which asked to extend the ban for the period up to May 10, was partially satisfied. The court came to the conclusion that in the interests of national security, in order to ensure law and order, prevent the commission of crimes & offences, and to protect public health, the protection of the rights & freedoms of residents of the city of Odessa, and to partially satisfy the administrative action of the Executive Committee of the Odessa City Council: to restrict the right to peaceful assembly by banning public organization “the Odessa city organization of veterans “war memorial,” the responsible person for conducting of mass events Stoyanov P C, and the responsible person for conducting of mass events Fedorko R V, from holding mass events as well as the use of special means on May 2 2016, at the following address: Odessa, 1 Dumskaya Square.

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