sometimes i read my own back pages and i am staggered at the astonishing things i wrote

Talmud quote (Pesachim 49b):

Rabbi Meir said: If one gives his daughter in marriage to a man of the common people, it is as if he would tie her up and set her before a lion.

‘A man of the common people’ here meaning the Jewish peasantry, the ‘am ha’aretz’. The warning is addressed to members of the rabbinical caste.
from here.

usual warnings apply 🙂

It looks to me like the final few seconds have been jumbled and/or removed from the climax, so to speak. These constitute what pornographers call “the money shot.” This means you can have the rest for free, but if you want to see who finally gets to do what to whom, how and what with, then you must contact Mrs Misanthropy and ask to buy the full version – RB

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