hmmh mmm, in view of the post below, the q arises, why does r hate lubavitch so much? ok

First of all, since I at least began my research from the political end, let me tell you about that. The Pindo (Brooklyn) Lubavitch is surely controlled by the CIA, since the old man’s death. The deniability tango danced by these “Lubavitcher werewolves” as Eduard Hodos (a Ukro Reform Jew, for those who do not know him) called them, is too complex to operate without CIA supervision. If the whole thing was controlled by Mossad, the CIA and other Pindo entities couldn’t permit it to operate on the scale it does, throughout the world, right under the CIA’s own nose, in all the most exquisitely sensitive places, necessarily suspected by the CIA of turning double on it, just like for instance the Muslim Brotherhood, but in this case by taking on Mossad ‘sayan’ (helper) roles as well. It’s not just their history as a CIA tool against Communist Russia; it’s evident that CIA penetration didn’t stop in 1991.

I dare say the CIA view is that the Lubavitchers are so addicted to illogical reasoning that they cannot grasp the essence of the CIA methods and have to be constantly re-coached on them by a sort of rote repetition, as with certain Afghans for example who it would be really unwise to name. There are several equally important levels or layers or overlapping zones of deniability in effect, all of which have to be tended. There is the fact that the “werewolves” Hodos was talking about are the Lubavitcher posse in Moscow who constantly harrass Putin and try to psych him out, evidently with great success. These guys under their eternal boss Berel Lazar can never adopt the sort of crazed hard-core “nuke-the-bastards-anyway” level of anti-Russianism prevalent among Lubavitch in Brooklyn. Or again: they are politically neutered inside ‘Israel proper’, but not in Yesha, where they teach & train with Kachists.

Considering the 350 hours of study required by the Beth Din in Israel: one full-time school term’s worth of work, combined with supervised residence under kosher conditions; in itself, an entirely reasonable formula and one I would have been happy to adopt had it not been enormously expensive, but personally when I saw my intended Lubavitcher supervisor in London, I freaked out, he was so obviously queer in the old-fashioned, closeted sense. Not only that, but I immediately realized the idea was to steer me towards their disgusting so-called B’nei Noach, a hideous right-wing cult for sub-Jews which does not lead and is not intended to lead to Jewish identity of any sort, ever. This is much less incendiary than the efforts of Paul of Tarsus, of course. This thing gets its heads regularly replaced if their wacko theology slips out of alignment with the violet ray of the Mekon, beaming in from space – RB

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