i do not personally think the EU should be giving any money to these turds at 972 magazine at all

This article says the Labour witchhunt is a good thing. These people not only need their funds stopped, they need to face the full wrath of Ayelet Shaked on a bad hair day, with added PMT. This guy does a show for an internet radio station in TA, his background includes Ynet and France24. None of them know fuck about Left values, they are just game players with words (something of course that I could be too, if I wasn’t more interested in finding true love among some small remaining sector of decent Jewish womanhood). They are all of them, there at the radio station and at +972 magazine, regular commercial journalists who are cynically taking advantage of the pseudo-Left EU gravy train. There is no-one in the entire “shitty little country” with a genuine left position, and no-one at +972 who would want to know about it if there was one, because obviously it wouldn’t pay european-standard civil service salaries. The whole Jewish Israeli press is entirely composed of slimy bastards. Look at this, from Haaretz which has gone slimy like the Graun but more so: “If Merkel Also Criticizes Israel, Life Is Not a Piece of Cremeschnitte.” That ethnic sarcasm is a headline from Haaretz – RB

What the Left can learn about anti-Semitism from Ken Livingstone
Gilad Halpern, +972 Magazine, May 1 2016

Ken Livingstone may not realize it, but he has done the progressive left a great service. Livingstone, a veteran British Labour Party politician and former mayor of London, was suspended from his party on Thursday for saying in a radio interview that Hitler was a Zionist. For his party, still reeling from a series of mini-scandals involving unsavoury statements about Israel and the Jews (presumes what is to be proved – RB), it was one borderline anti-Semitic remark too many (again presumes what is to be proved – RB). Livingstone’s handling of the scandal that now bears his name is a textbook example of everything that’s wrong with the radical European Left today (yet again presumes what is to be proved – RB). Because if you look at his initial comment, it was perhaps simplistic and crass, but not entirely mistaken (so he was right, but we needn’t abandon our sardonic pose, because we are not here to be logical but to pursue the Global ZOG agenda, starting with the utter destruction of all independent human thought, worldwide, without exceptions – RB). Trying to defend fellow Labour MP Naz Shah, who had herself been suspended for writing on Facebook that Israel should be relocated to Pindostan, Livingstone said:

Let’s remember when Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism. This was before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.

This statement is riddled with inaccuracies! (Oy fucking Vey! Tear ya clothes dude! – RB) Hitler came to power in 1933, not 1932! Israel would not be established for another 16 years! It was then known as British-ruled Plastelina! And most importantly, Hitler was already a murderous maniac in 1932! If he was ever sane, he went mad long before that! (So there! We know best! – RB) But there’s an element of truth in what Livingstone said. Although Hitler himself was most likely not a Zionist (sic! this addiction to meaningless guilt- and blame-driven semantics is truly monumental, a collective intellectual degeneration that will cause the Jews to become extinct as a nation, but not of course me & mine, cos we shall be sitting pretty, right here in Blighty, ha ha – RB), the anti-Semitic European right of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the Nazi regime in its early phase, saw eye to eye with Zionism on where Europe’s Jews belonged, namely not in Europe. Edouard Drumont, the godfather of French anti-Semitism, congratulated Theodor Herzl in his 1891 book France Juive and suggested that Jews should be “sent back to Plastelina.” It became an instant best-seller! (It goes without saying that Eurp was sick with the disease so vile that only its complete destruction over and over again by torture and rape and massacre can ever even begin to atone, but then again, probably not, since “anti-Semitism” is the unforgivable sin, and they’re destined for hell, and we can help get them there, but all in good time, bit by bit in fact – RB)

In 1933, the German government and the Zionist Organization signed an agreement that facilitated the immigration of 50,000 German Jews to Plastelina (actually, 20,000 over 10 years – RB). And in 1934, a delegation led by SS officer Leopold Von Mildenstein visited Plastelina to assess the feasibility of resettling Germany’s Jews there. The coordinator of the visit was Kurt Tuchler, the leader of the Zionist Federation of Germany, whose grandson Arnon Goldfinger made a fascinating documentary about it. (Gosh, how nice! The Yekkes sure do well on the TV circuit, don’t they? – RB). None of the above is meant to defend Livingstone’s jibe (gutter press journalese), nor to criticize his suspension, which I view as fair and well-deserved, all the more so as he remains adamant in his refusal to apologize (Simply because he is an Israeli Jew, not because he has ever done any professional journalism training as the term is understood elsewhere in the world, that is to say in countries where 1920s German-style graphology is not used as a main guide to hiring and firing, this hack imagines he has the right to judge the entire world – RB). The reason he came under so much fire was the subtext. Assuming that (the) issue had some relevance for 2016 Britain, he was talking about the present, not the past. It was his underlying intentions that were called into question. Why on earth would one evoke Hitler’s supposed warming to Zionism in a debate about contemporary politics, if it wasn’t to draw some sort of parallel, as awkward and far-fetched as it may have been (or may not have been), between Zionism and Nazism? And why would he allow himself to be dragged into a debate about the Holocaust at a time when his party is bending over backwards to fend off accusations that it is teeming with anti-Semites? (No-one except this hysterical Israeli Jew has suggested that at all – RB). Livingstone, an astute and experienced politician, took a plunge into an empty pool! (Halpern has no trouble believing that someone about 400 times more intelligent and experienced than him just suddenly takes it into his head to do such crazy, moronic, neanderthal things where Jews are concerned. It’s because all Jews are Gods! The mortals canna stand it, Cap’n! – RB)

While all this might have been a slip of a tongue from a politician who’s no no stranger to controversies (another piece of gutter journalese – RB), it is pitted against a dubious backdrop of his consistent effort to downplay positions within his party that could be branded, if not downright anti-Semitic, as bigoted and hateful (That was this journalist arriving at his own measured & fair judgment on the entire affair! Just like that! A bundle of meaningless, weasel-worded bullshit! Without even pausing to clear his miserable drain-gurgling hebrew throat! Never mind the fact that there is a party commission of enquiry sitting on it at the moment, and about half a dozen libel suits! Wow, Israeli Jews are assholes! All of them! I have to admit, they are all contaminated with terminal assholeriness – RB). He has repeatedly said that throughout his 47-year affiliation with the Labour Party, he has not once heard anyone say anything anti-Semitic. He continued to say that, even as it emerged that party functionary Vicky Kirby tweeted that Jews had “big noses” and that a local councillor called Hitler “the greatest man in history.” (I thought the councillor said Hitler had a “big nose” and the Jews were the “greatest people”, but really who gives a fuck except these pathetic psychotic cheap hacks from the Jewish press? – RB) He himself said, in a hair-raisingly awkward attempt to defend his comrades or perhaps himself (Halpern’s hair rose? I doubt it. He is giving himself the air of some great intuitive genius who surveys the world from on high, of course – RB) that a real anti-Semite hates Jews everywhere, not just those in Israel. Even in the off-chance that it doesn’t amount to anti-Semitism, an indiscriminate hatred for a group of people by virtue of their nationality sounds an awful lot like bigotry at its ugliest (maybe that’s because you’re fucking tone deaf – RB).

It seems that the fall from grace (in this context, this Christian theological term would originally have used ironically by some Jewish writer who thought about what they were saying and consciously added religious venom to it, but cheap writers like this present Halpern seldom know the implications of their own unconscious choice of phrases – RB) of a heavyweight of Livingstone’s calibre (horrible mixed metaphor) has convinced party leader Jeremy Corbyn that there’s more to Labour’s anti-Semitism problem than mudslinging by his Conservative rivals and centrist Labourites who have been unhappy to see their party taken over by a hardline socialist (this is pure invention, but gutter journalists don’t care – RB). Corbyn admitted that there is a problem, and as any addict would know, that’s the first step towards rehabilitation (pathologizing language throughout, another Jewish habit – RB). Yes, the vetting of old Facebook posts published by Labour representatives long before they dreamed of public office is disingenuous (there are more obvious and honest words, like sordid and disgusting – RB), let alone that only a year ago the leader of the party was the Jewish Ed Miliband (in other words, there should be plenty of filthy remarks about him to be unearthed – RB). And as always, there’s a hefty amount of hypocrisy (how could Halpern possibly distinguish hypocrisy from anything else? – RB). On Saturday, as the scandal spiralled, Israeli Labour Party leader Isaac Herzog called on his British counterparts to visit Yad Vashem (and have a nice therapeutic wank together with him in the Grand Chamber of Fetishization and Psychotic Trance Induction – RB). Strangely enough, he didn’t urge the Conservative Party leader to do the same when they struck down a proposal tabled by a Kindertransport survivor to accept 3,000 child refugees, in case anyone needed further proof who hasn’t learned the lessons of the Holocaust (cos this hack is supposed to maintain some sort of nominal knockabout against the right parties, even though the only criterion for distinguishing left from right is precisely this phantasmatic hallucinated hyper-concern with the goddamn Jews all the time – RB). But the obsession of some people on the far Left with Israel that often boils over to outlandish conspiracy theories, of which “Israel and the Jews are running the world” (mama! say it isn’t true! – RB) is just one, is under much greater scrutiny, and that’s a good thing! Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant! (I think you should slice your own brain open and expose it to some of those disinfecting rays, Mr Halpern! – RB).

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