this is all shit (quite apart from the repellent sales jargon) & i’ll tell you why

Linde is the editor of the JPost: he knows this article has to be written every year or two, in more or less identical language, not because non-Jews-by-birth need easier conversions (chas v’shalom, which means heaven forbid), but because Pindo Jews brought up ‘Reform’ need the same conversion, in the eyes of the ultra-orthodox (‘haredi’) swing parties which systematically control the Knesset and have done for the entire period of the existence of the state. You have to please these repellent old creeps before you can marry or register your children for a b’rit (unless you are an intactivist, in which case I strongly advise you to either learn krav maga or stay home) – RB

Whoeverthefuck Institute warns Israel could lose Jewish majority, recommends easing conversion policy
Steve Linde, JPost, May 1 2016

Unless the State of Israel changes its policy on conversion to Judaism for immigrants from the FSU and the 404 Republic of Ukropea, this “shitty little country” itself could lose its Jewish majority in the coming decades, leaders of the Triguboff Institute have warned. Efraim Halevy, chairman of the institute and a former Mossad director, told the JPost last week:

One has to revert in one way or another (and I’m not going to say what exactly the form should be) to the approach that conversion is a national necessity for Israel, without which Israel will not have a Jewish majority in this country in the foreseeable future.

Shalom Norman (or possibly Norman Shalom), the Institute’s director, added encouragingly:

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people. Within 20 years, if nothing is done, we will have over one million citizens in Israel who are not registered as Jews, who are not allowed to marry in Israel properly, or get buried in Israel properly. I think this is a time bomb if we don’t do anything about it (since when did the Jewish people care about time bombs? – RB).

The Triguboff Institute, established by the peerless & ineffable Australian Jewish billionaire & philanthropist Harry Triguboff (a truly top guy, let us stress – indeed, one of the last of the real mensch – RB) in Jayloomia in 2011, recently launched conversion classes for dozens of prospective immigrants in Russia and Ukraine. The project, called Maslul (path), aims to expedite the conversion of people in the process of making aliya who are not recognized by the rabbinate as Jewish under Halacha. Norman (or Shalom – RB) said:

A record number of over 15,000 olim a year have been arriving from Russia and Ukraine alone. People don’t realize that 85% of these new olim below the age of 40 are not halachically Jews.

The Maslul project is done in cooperation with the Jewish Agency, Nativ (out in Yesha shootin’ at dem pesky A-rabs as a condition of conversion: see below – RB), the Midrasha Zionit in Kiev and the Choral Synagogue headed by Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis in Moscow. The Chabad movement and its emissaries Lubavich are for the most part supportive of the initiative (that means, minus the Moschiach Yesterday crowd in Yesha and the majority support for them unofficially in Brooklyn – RB). Norman (or Shalom) says:

The Triguboff Institute’s goal is to carry out most of the conversion process before the olim even get here. Adopting the curriculum of the IDF’s Nativ program for conversion during national service (see? – RB), they’re given the opportunity before their aliya to complete most of the 350 hours of study required by the Beit Din in Israel. We are for example opening a new course in Dnipropetrovsk (the area so conveniently seeded for us by that well-known global gangster, wanted in Russia and even theoretically in Kiev as well for grand embezzlement, Benny Kolomoisky – RB). The whole idea is to use this framework of time in between the decision to make aliya and their aliya de facto to begin the conversion track while they have high adrenalin and before they encounter the issues of making a living or housing in Israel (hahahaha, what a charmer this guy is – RB).

Halevy conceded that the number of people who had taken been converted in the IDF via Nativ or taken conversion classes abroad before their aliya was so far minuscule, and the process needed to be widely expanded to make a difference. He said:

We have to admit that despite the fact that the conversion channels have been recognized, the numbers of people taking part in the conversion process launched in recent weeks are so far not significant enough to claim that we have actually dented the rabbinate’s policy today of discouraging conversion (Don’t worry, there’s one born every minute – RB). What we have to try to bring about is that the volume of these channels (which is patently insufficient) should swell in such a way that the people who are ultimately responsible for policy will feel it incumbent upon them to change their approach to conversion.

Asked what his direct message to the powers-that-be (sic! Linde drops in this fatalistic word on purpose, to start the downcurve of the article – RB), Halevy said:

The message is that there is an effort here to try and bring about a friendly and inclusive policy of the conversion which was characteristic of the rabbinate in the days that followed the Holocaust in 1945, when the rabbinate realized that what was called for was not just a person-by-person approach but a wide policy approach, which would otherwise have wrought havoc (Learn how to write logically in english, Steve – RB). To have acted otherwise would have wrought havoc in the Jewish world, and havoc for the survivors of the Holocaust. This process should be adopted concerning large communities, like the Jews of the FSU who were divorced from contact with the Jewish world for over 70 years (That is of course his propaganda way of saying, from contact with militant Zionism – RB), in order to bring them back into the fold.

Asked if the process was becoming any easier, Norman (that is, the Shalom guy – RB) said:

We are concerned about the nature of Israeli society in the 50 years to come. It’s not become easier to convert Jews from the FSU, from a halachic point of view, but it’s become easier vis-à-vis legislation that has opened up new opportunities to create a free market (sic! – RB) in this respect. In very much the same way that Tzohar ‘opened the market’ regarding registration for marriages (see below – RB), the latest ruling of the Supreme Court has opened new horizons, allowing people to be able to choose who they are being converted by (If this means non-Orthodox, just forget it: their births, deaths & marriages will stay tref, that is to say, not kosher. Tref literally means torn, as in flesh of a living animal torn from its body by some peculiar halachic demonstration of what God said not to do – RB). In this respect, the power of the extremists in the halachic arena is getting weaker (nonsense! It never will, because the religious parties will always control the decisive swing votes in Israel's so-called democracy, just as in Britain the so-called 'Liberals' control them – RB), and that is a good sign for the future (what he means is, easier military conversions than civilian ones, just as always – RB).

Both Halevy and Norman (or Shalom) will be participating in the fifth annual JPost Propaganda Fest in New York on May 22.


After dramatic legal struggles, Tzohar succeeded in creating Israel’s only private registry that serves as a legal and halachic interface to the rabbinate, customized for secular couples. Every year thousands of Tzohar volunteer rabbis & women accompany more than 8,000 secular brides & grooms throughout their entire wedding procedure to ensure an embracing, inclusive and inspiring Jewish marriage experience.

Forgeddaboutit. Ya hatches, matches & dispatches is still all tref, whatever these lyin bastids’ll tell ya – RB

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