well, you don’t want to hear any more about my non-existent love life, so here is the murid with all the grown-up stuff

This is in chronological order for about the last 36 hours. Let him bring us up to speed in his own way. I reckon that anyone who can stay married to an absolute hellcat like Ani Al must be almost perfect… Wait, they aren’t married – RB

Ultimatum Nudelman
El Murid, Apr 29 2016 22:42 MSK

Kiev is beginning to fulfil the requirement put forward by it by the Pindos during the last visit of Nudelman/Nuland. In any case, the idea of the adoption of the electoral law and the holding of elections already not rejected, and admits even though unpleasant, but necessary. Russian media are pleased to indicate that Kiev carries out that sequence, which required him to Russia:

Nuland directly and in the form of an ultimatum demanded that Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, and this and in this sequence, as repeatedly said Russia.

The satisfaction would have been complete if not for one thing: the Minsk agreement implements the scenario of delivery of Donbass to Ukraine, with the transfer of control to Kiev of the borders as the last step. The referendum of May 11 2014, in which residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk region voted to separate from Ukraine, now can finally be thrown in the trash and on them they will wipe their feet. Russian Donbass and Novorossia historically can’t fit into the picture of the “Russian world” in the Kremlin. Russian Donbass is Russian at second grade and the second freshness, but because today is the official point of view is that they all really want back to their Homeland, where they were ordered by the parties of the Minsk collusion to consider Ukraine. And not some abstract Ukraine, and one that hates them and kills. In this sense, the scenario according to which Kiev or the Kremlin, the betrayal is committed, the difference is not too big. For obvious reasons, this subtlety is Russian propaganda carefully avoids to light, stressing a peaceful solution and end the war. The problem is that the Donbass took up arms precisely in order not to return to the liberal-fascist Ukraine, counting on Russia’s help and a direct promise of the Russian President.

The revelation of bin Jassim
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 12:06 MSK

Frank to the point of cynicism, (yet unsurprising) story from former PM & FM of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, in which he talks about the role of Qatar in the outbreak of the Syrian war. To hide Qatar’s role in the events of the Arab Spring was absolutely impossible, and during 2011-2012, Qatar was the “purse” for Hillary Clinton and her group at the State Dept, which designed the Arab Spring. Hamad bin Jassim says that the intervention of the Toads has created the surprise factor and has largely mixed up the plans of Qatar. For obvious reasons, he may not cover the full picture of what happened, and therefore is limited only by the Toads, like those who prevented the implementation of plans to demolish the Syrian (and not only the Syrian) regime. So if you go into the memories, it all started a year or two or three before the Arab Spring. All events had at least three levels: global, regional and local. At the global level, Clinton’s team solved the problem of a complete reformatting of the elites of the MENA (with the run-up to the region of Middle and Central Asia). The task before Clinton was neither more nor less than the elimination of the existing balance, in which most of the elites of this super-region were to some extent focused on the GOP. It is logical that raw-material appendages of the West must focus on their direct owners, the oil and gas TNCs of Pindostan, which are at the economic and financial base of the GOP and more broadly focused on the superpower clans. The strength of these clans is huge. For instance, the late Valentin Zorin in a recent interview called Howard hunt, a Texas oil billionaire, and the king of Pindostan for 60 years, among the number of customers of the Kennedy assassination. Hunt, incidentally, gave the Bush clan their entree into big-time politics.

Liquidation-oriented Middle-Eastern elite GOPsters (henceforth Thugs – RB) allowed Clinton, who was a front for the rival globalist clans of Pindostan, to intercept her bitter opponents of the steering wheel control the two global projects of Pindostan, the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships. Who manages and creates the rules. TTP and TTIP are the prototype of the future world empire in which there should not be such an atavism as sovereignty, and therefore the globalists objectively engage in strong contradiction with the “Imperialists” of Pindostan, who on this point disagree with their globalist counterparts, except for the fact that Pindostan’s sovereignty is inviolable. Here on this point between the two largest factions in Pindostan there is an irreconcilable contradiction and because of that, war between them was inevitable. The elimination of the near and middle Eastern elites who control a third of all energy in the world, and the creation of new elites focused on the “globalists” allowed Clinton and her group to dictate to Europe and the Pacific rim their terms of accession to the TTIP and TTP. It is obvious that having missed the first strike, the opponents of Clinton have done everything possible to remove her and if not return the starting point, then at least significantly mitigate the effects of the missed blow. In the fall of 2012, (they nearly) did it in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens went under the category of “expendables.” He was just unlucky. In fact, now Clinton has a very serious probability to obtain a punch in the stomach which will remove her from the presidential race: namely, the likelihood of criminal prosecution in connection with the conduct of secret correspondence of the unprotected network addresses. Opponents of Clinton can go for it even under the threat of the victory of Trump, who displeases the whole Pindosi establishment in connection with his unsystematic nature.

At the end of the 2012 was the turn of the Arab Spring, when its control circuit was demolished, and Qatar, the former spearhead of Clinton in the region, was forced to curtail its activities. After Clinton’s opponents removed the Emir of Qatar, Hamad al-Thani, from the occasion to sin, and today (there rules in his stead) Hamad bin Jassim, entering into an alliance with the wife of the Emir of Qatar, Motoi and most influential clan by clan, Attya, which ruled today Qatar. Qatar’s given the green light in the direction of South-East Asia, but the route to Europe is closed to him (at least not yet). In general, a very nervous attitude in the Kremlin toward a possible Clinton victory in the elections, which is due to the fact that her return to politics inevitably resumes the drawing of maps of Qatar, and its emergence in Europe is becoming very very likely. What will this mean for “Gazprom” (discarded under the brilliant baton of Miller), we do not even have to talk. In addition, the return of Clinton implies a resumption of a fierce confrontation with Russia, which in its current situation will become a disaster. The regional contours of the Arab Spring were linked to the attempt by Qatar to (rise to) the top levels in the region. I must say that the stunning results of the first phase looked for Qatar is extremely promising. It was administering Egypt, since the key in all respects is the Suez canal, which became the basis of all gas strategy of Qatar. The shale revolution in Pindostan, came as a surprise only for Miller: already there was a war in the middle East yet he continued to say that the shale revolution was a bluff and a bubble that was about to burst. However, almost immediately it was clear that the regional order of the Arab Spring was the European gas market, the redistribution of which was in the agenda after coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Qatar was investing tens of billions of dollars in the Suez Canal, expanding it for its supertankers and making possible the uninterrupted traffic of LNG to Europe.

The Asian market looks at the short- and medium-term profitabity margin above all, before the transport arm is allowed more efficient use of the advantages of transporting LNG instead of pipeline gas. The specific fact is that the cost of transportation by gas carriers falls below (that of) pumping through the pipe, at distances of more than 2,000 nautical miles. However, the European market looked at a lower attractiveness (for LNG), and continues to look (on pipelines as) more robust, as shown by the current crisis. China is beginning to reduce consumption. Europe keeps the level. In the years 2016 to 2018 in south-east Asia, Australia, Pindosia and Malaysia will come with their gas (via LNG tanker, supposedly – RB), which dramatically toughens the competition in this market. The strategy of Qatar vis a vis the European market looked reasonable, and most importantly, it fully meets the interests of the Clinton group, who can thus kill a whole flock of birds with one stone. It destroys the monopoly of Russia in the European market and drops us into a crisis, even without any sanctions and Crimea. Europe is tied to his group through Qatar. Through the Qatar investment authority group, Clinton was counting on the purchase of European assets belonging to competing factions. The frame-up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, by the way, was an echo of the struggle over the Clinton strategy: (it was) an attempt at getting control of global financial levers under the full management of her group. Anyway, the prize of Qatar in the Arab Spring was the weight and promised great prospects in the medium- and long-term strategy. It was for that fight that Syria became part of the prize in this war: control over it allowed Qatar to take control of the so-called Syrian cross, an ancient crossroads from South to North and from West to East, passing through Syria. Aleppo, as the key intersection of this “cross” became a most fierce battle of all against all. (This is all shit, as usual. We know it was all about Hezbollah. We have known that since the word go – RB).

At the local level, the interests of different forces came together in this endless war that seems senseless slaughter only to the uninformed outside observer. ISIS, which was patronized by Qatar, has as its goal the return to power of the mass-party nomenklatura of Saddam Hussein. Jabhat al-Nusra, (initially – RB) being the Syrian branch of ISIS, was intercepted by the Toads after stripping by Clinton, and has become a tool of the Toads in the fight against Qatari influence (ie now it says it’s sworn to AQ – RB). Very interesting is the struggle for Egypt between 2011 to 2013. Israel’s interest is obvious: the elimination of opponents of any system around itself and the creation of a buffer zone which will subsist on a basis of archaic quasi-savagery, absolutely non-dangerous for Israel. There are some very interesting processes related to the promotion of the Turkish and Iranian strategies. It is separately possible to consider the tragedy of a disintegrating Iraq and of course Syria. In general, each level of this war merits a decent detailed descriptions, and if you approach it systematically, it will look exciting, like a real detective thriller. So the revelation of Hamad bin Jassim looks largely like an open secret, but who but he (is as) familiar with the background of what is happening the last five years’ great events? In this case, of no completion of it is not: in case of victory by Clinton, which looks very likely if it comes to the voting procedure, we may see another round of this struggle and war. Russia is assigned a place of honour in this war, so that without us she just will not do. Putin’s regime, focused on Clinton’s opponents, in this case will share the fate of all middle Eastern regimes, (ie it will find itself) under a heavy roller. Nothing surprising: Russia has long turned into a third-rate appendage of international TNCs, and because of this, is just the spoils of war between them.

Odessa. Enhanced mode
El Murid, Apr 30 2016

From today and through May 10, in Odessa on the strengthened mode and transferred the police arrived in the town the NatzGuards, made a cordon of Kulikovo field and the house Profsyuzov “to avoid provocations,” as stated by the government. Refers to whether the provocation under the common human desire to remember relatives and friends who were killed two years ago, is not specified. Nevertheless, people are going to come on May 2 to the house of trade unions. Yesterday in Petersburg we held a press conference about the events on May 2. They are almost all ready. In Moscow there will be held mourning events. Whether the authorities (will allow us) to remember what happened is difficult to say, although the abstract of news on the subject of “something” most likely a tongue-twister quickly run through. Authorities are busy preparing for the May 9 (‘Victory Day’) parade, which will brag of another’s heroism and (try) to tell me that they will not disgrace and will not fail, although frankly just cowardice and treason in the face of the wanton Nazi thugs in the Ukraine clears any parades and attempts to cling.

Everything goes according to plan
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 16:07 MSK

In Iraq, the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr today stormed the Parliament building in the “green zone.” The country introduced a state of emergency. Iraq is being drawn towards the stage of collapse. Here there is little that can be done about it, although the final decision is painfully delayed. The three largest communities of the country have almost nothing in common. The beginning of the decay, no doubt, was the Pindosi occupation and the decisions made about “de-Baathization,” which threw the Sunni community out of the political, social and economic life of the country. They eventually became the (recruitment base) for ISIS, which became the voice for the oppressed Sunni population. A radical solution has caused a radical response, and today the country has no chance to preserve itself in its present form and the old borders. The so-called “international community” will pretend that we are talking about temporary difficulties, of course, and there will be no recognition of the fact of the collapse, the same as not recognizing the reality of the collapse of Libya.

In reality, the radical Shia insist on the formula “Enough to feed Kurdistan and Sunnistan” that inevitably captures the current state of affairs and makes any attempt to rebuild Iraq is futile. The problem is that if no section of the country can (impose a) peace by itself, so a civil war will become interstate in nature. War for resources is inevitable, and each side will have something of which another is deprived. The Sunnis have control of the fertile Mesopotamia, the Kurds have enormous oil fields of the North, the Shia South and the oil outlet to the sea. A similar situation exists, for example, in the former Sudan, where the oil is in the South, and the pipeline and marine terminals in the North. Southerners looking for a way in the construction of the pipeline in the direction of the Kenyan Lamu in the South, which inevitably will cause a new war between North and South Sudan. Not the same but somewhat similar problem in Nigeria where the northerners are deprived of access to the oil wealth of the country, and the Nigerian “Boko Haram” is waging a war, the meaning of which – a more equitable distribution of resources. Iraq in this sense is no different. The uneven distribution of vital resources which can be quite rationally decided in the framework of a single country, becomes an insurmountable contradiction after its collapse. The goal of Pindostan Israel, the fragmentation of existing states into endlessly warring fragments, (is now) run. Now, Pindostan can safely go on with the destruction of their regions, just by maintaining the intensity of the fighting and preventing any unification process. In general, we now also Nigeria and Iraq, though with missiles. Under the heat of the Maidan and the Russian screams on TV, Russia and Ukraine have become mortal enemies, and now remains not so much under the approving applause of our enemies, to complete the Minsk process, after which the Russian population of Ukraine will hate Russia much stronger than any of the Banderites do now. It would be useless to explain to them that they were betrayed by Putin, not the Russians, because people are always (justly held) responsible for the crimes of a leadership which they strongly support. The Pindosis will just support flaming hatred against the Russian people, separated by a border where they too can feel free to wipe my sweat. Everything goes according to plan.

The instrument for stability
El Murid, Apr 30 2016 17:28 MSK

Pindo Reps Eliot Engel and Adam Kiesinger introduced the instrument for stability and democracy for Ukraine (Stability and Democracy (STAND) for Ukraine Act), according to a press release published on the website of the international Affairs Committee of the lower house. The authors of the bill propose to strictly linko the powers of the president to lift sanctions against Russia with the status of Crimea, the document reads. According to the proposal, the sanctions against Moscow could be lifted (only) if the president gives Congress confirmation of the “restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty over Crimea” or if “the status of the Peninsula will be resolved through the established procedures of international law and is recognized by the democratically elected Ukrainian government.” The reason for the bill is clear. Nudelman/Nuland was too outspoken in Kiev, although it is possible to understand, because time is of the essence, (that she failed to) follow protocol and politesse, and even gained/gave some savages satisfaction by doing so (? – да еще перед дикарями из какой-то там Рады, некогда – RB). The promise of lifting sanctions against Russia looked too straight, so it makes sense to create an additional barrier that allows in that case to shrug and say, “well, we would with all our heart, but Pindostan is a legal country, we got a law passed, don’t blame me.” In general, nothing new. Always the same requirement: to pass the Crimea, and then (maybe) POTUS will condescend to the lifting of sanctions, he will deign to grant to Congress the evidence of full and unconditional surrender of Russia, and if the Congress deems them sufficient. Russian fans of mood music (музыкальных инструментальных брендов) are suggested to solve the problem yourselves (along the lines of):

(Oh, darling!) I was wrong! I got over-excited! It happens to everyone! Come back! Forgive me! etc.

It just means that all the promises to resolve the matter peacefully after the implementation of the Minsk collusion is not worth a damn. Immediately in the course will be launched new conditions and new demands. With Nuland/Nudelman, you never know what you already promised. In November, we (they – RB) will have a new president and a new sec state, and new assistant(s). (With him you may) agree, unless of course he wants to take you. PS: It’s curious how the Pindos began to touch on the topic of the Crimea, following the time of the events around the Donbass. This means that the Pindos believed the issue of the Donbass was, if not solved, then at least going in the right direction. It is clear that the Russian media will drown in the ecstatic cries that everything happened strictly according to the ingenious plan of the Great and Terrible One, written by him on the knee. In reality, if this plan (had contained) even (the tiniest) thing contrary to Pindo interests, they would hardly have agreed with it. What we should see now is the opposite reaction. But (our media) will pour into our ears about the achieved victory, and by the way, they will be absolutely right, from the point of view of the traitors: brought to its logical end, betrayal certainly looks like a victory.

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