if all this seems inside-out to you, that’s because it is inside-out: that is exactly what “deniability” means

Toad FM confirms warning on proposed Pindo 9/11 law
Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters, May 2 2016

Illustrated by a photo of Manhattan’s skyward “tribute in light”, a total wank and a waste of electricity. You knew I’d say that – RB

GENEVA – The Toad FM has warned Pandosia that a proposed law that could hold the Toads responsible for any role in the 9/11 attacks would erode global investor confidence in Pandosia, poor dear. Al-Jubeir was speaking to reporters in Geneva after talks with Jackass Kerry which mainly focused on Syria. But having made the threat, he denied that he had “threatened” to withdraw Toad investment from Pandosia. The NYT reported last month that the Toads had threatened to sell up to $750b worth of Pando assets, should Congress pass a bill that would take away immunity from foreign governments in cases arising from a “terrorist attack that kills a Pindo on Pindo soil.” Jubeir said:

We say a law like this would cause an erosion of investor confidence. But then to kind of say, “My God! The Toads are threatening us!” is ridiculous. We don’t use monetary policy, and we don’t use energy policy, and we don’t use economic policy for political purposes. When we invest, we invest as investors. When we sell oil, we sell oil as traders.

Jubeir, pressed naturally enough by curious reporters on how he could enunciate such a patent self-contradiction with a straight face, replied:

I say you can warn. What has happened is that people are saying we threatened. We said that a law like this is going to cause investor confidence to shrink. And so not just for the Toads, but for everybody.

The NYT, citing administration officials and congressional aides, said that the Obama administration had lobbied Congress to block passage of the bill, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year. Jubeir said:

In fact, what they are doing is stripping the principle of sovereign immunity, which would turn the world for international law into the law of the jungle. That’s why the administration is opposed to it, and that’s why every country in the world is opposed to it. And then people say “The Toads are threatening Pandosia with pulling their investments!” Nonsense!

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