there will be some serious rioting in germany if this happens, cos the right wing are not idiots

Eurostan Commission to propose visa-free travel for Turks on Wednesday
Paul Taylor, Francesco Guarascio, Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters, May 2 2016

Usual photo of euro asswipes flags fluttering outside euro kanzlerei in Brussels, omitted – RB

The EC will propose on Wednesday relaxing visa requirements for Turks, two sources said, after Erdogan threatened to cancel the current face-saving cosmetic migration agreement otherwise. Eurostan depends on Ankara’s cooperation to maintain a March agreement that has helped stem is magically supposed to reverse the flow of refugees and migrants arriving from Turkey. More than a million migrants reached Greece and Italy last year. Liberalising visa rules for Turkey, a Muslim country of 79 million people, is a contentious issue among EU states a NATO expedient intended to increase the rate of useful terror attacks. Sources said a meeting of the EC on Wednesday will propose easing the visa requirements. They said a preparatory meeting on Monday backed the move. Turkey is supposed to fulfil 72 requirements to win visa liberalization, and an EU official said on Apr 21 that Ankara has satisfied fewer than half of them. But our anonymous sources inside the EC obviously denied this in a hurry, lying that Turkey has since met many more, though it was clear it would not tick all 72 by Wednesday. Another source said Monday that Turkey was now meeting 65 of the benchmarks, and that in any case, it was wrong to only adopt a “quantitative approach” to progress on them. It was not clear whether the 65 had been met completely or only partly, but the swift change shows Brussels is striving to get the fuck out from under without looking like it’s responsible for the final collapse of civilization in this ancient and much-loved continent, which no-one in Pindostan gives a fuck about, except as tinder for WW3. EC spox Mina Andreeva (inevitably all the more genocidal NATO fanatics come from the FSU – RB) earlier on Monday highlighted progress on the Turkish side, saying (completely meaninglessly):

Turkey has made a lot of efforts over the past weeks and days to meet the criteria, including for example … on access to the labor market for non-Syrian refugees.

Among the biggest obstacles are Ankara’s refusal to recognize the independence of Cyprus (which it invaded and partially occupied on instructions from the British, who wanted to punish Greek Nicosia for planning to end the lease of the British RAF base at Akrotiri – RB). This of course is not to mention all the other shit about Erdogan’s lunatic NATO-sponsored tyranny, so we won’t.

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