jackass displays his personal preference for teenage hollywood gangster phraseology

Jackass warns Assad of “repercussions” if truce fails
Lesley Wroughton, David Alexander, Reuters, May 3 2016

FASCHINGSTEIN – Jackass Kerry warned Assad on Tuesday of “repercussions” if he does not stick to the bafflingly selective imposed ceasefire and move forward with a political transition, ie get lost. Jackass said he hoped that diplomatic efforts could restore the ceasefire to include Aleppo. He told reporters a day after emergency meetings in Geneva:

If Assad does not adhere to this, there will clearly be repercussions, and one of them may be the total destruction of the ceasefire, and then go back to war. I don’t think Russia wants that. I don’t think Assad is going to benefit from that. There may be even other repercussions being discussed. The line they are trying to draw now would prohibit any kind of incursion of Aleppo! It will not allow Aleppo to fall! If Assad’s strategy is to somehow think he’s going to just carve out Aleppo and carve out a section of the country, I got news for you, and for him! This war doesn’t end! It is physically impossible for Assad to just carve out an area and pretend he is somehow going to make it safe, while the underlying issues are unresolved in this war!

It was unclear what Jackass meant by repercussions (or to put it more simply, Jackass himself plainly was winging it through the blue sky of striking sound-bites, and in fact had no idea what he was saying, as usual – RB). Obama admin boxtops previously warned of consequences for Assad’s action in the country’s long-running civil war, but critics say Faschingstein has failed to follow through with a more aggressive response (like levelling the city of Damascus to the ground and building a new capital called something like “Aelia Capitolina” on top of the ruins and putting the Toads in charge of it, would just about make the point that you don’t argue with Uncle Sam – RB). Jackass said that without a ceasefire in Aleppo, the violence there was in danger of spiralling out of control (the Syrian Arab Army would certainly retake the city from the Pindo-supported al-Qaeda franchisees currently in possession of it). The plan now being worked on to ensure a more lasting ceasefire would try to separate rival forces from militias which are not covered by the ceasefire (ie Nusra, the AQ franchisees, who are the only effective pro-CIA people currently in the country, because the Toads are not so stupid as to send in their own SOF unless the CIA tells them to – RB).

Nusra rips out some guy’s heart on the battlefield (& films it, woo hoo)
JPost, May 3 2016

On Monday, fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra executed a guy from Jaysh al-Islam in the Damascus suburb of east Ghouta and ripped out his bleeding heart from his dead body (on camera). Fighters from Jaysh al-Fusfat, a coalition headed by Nusra, captured Mohammad Amer Hawa, shot him in his head and in his neck, cut out his stomach and then ripped out his heart. Hawa’s execution aroused a bit of a furor on Syrian social media networks, where a growing number of Jihadis lashed out at Nusra, saying it’s no different from ISIS. They emphasized that victim so ruthlessly slaughtered by Nusra was a devout Muslim who adhered to his religious duties, not an apostate who should be killed. This atrocious incident is just another part of the ongoing bloody fighting between Nusra and Jaish al-Islam over control in the strategic region of east Ghouta (which as you remember was the place where the sarin mass murder occurred, because the local thugs couldn’t handle the Toad-donated sarin bomb which they were supposed to explode & blame on Assad – RB).

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