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Syria: Attenuation of interest
El Murid, May 3 2016 00:15 MSK

From Syria almost daily there are reports about the unsuccessful attempts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to stop the next attack of, or to counter-attack against Jabhat al-Nusra. In addition, Nusra in general have dramatically increased their mentions in the news. Reports of the offensive of the SAA by contrast become smaller. Several explanations for what is happening. First, Nusra grows her sworn groups of “moderate” militants. There is a collapse of the most “moderate” cohesion, showing only groups formed on ethnic, territorial or purely religious lines. In the ranks of “moderate” these groups occupy about a third of the total. The rest have serious fermentation, and gradually migrate toward Nusra, which operates in almost all the provinces of Syria, with the exception of those employed by ISIS. It is therefore logical that its numerical increase immediately leads to increase of references. The second point is that indeed, an offensive by the SAA is impossible. Six months of active operations without success could not fail to weaken and deplete it completely. In fact, in 2016, all offensive operations were conducted by a few SOF or by foreign PMCs. Other resources for offensive action was not found. Now it becomes clear picture of the capture of Palmyra: in fact, the Syrians were there on the strength of the quarter. The border with Lebanon in general, all under the control of Hezbollah, with rare presence of territorial forces of the Syrian (pro-Assad) militia and the SAA. Military mainly concentrated in Damascus, Latakia and Hama. The third point is associated with a sharp drop of interest in the Syrian events in the Russian media. No grand victories, the President said that the tasks have been completed, now the light goes on getting dimmer. Ahead of the elections, just a month and a half will need to shape the electorate to the correct opinion, so setting to “more positive.” Neither Ukraine nor Syria do not pull on the positive in our foreign policy, so they will be sweep under the rug. The second direction of propaganda in the coming months will be:

The enemies are not asleep, you cannot sway a throne, all unite, in general, pure Inhabited Island: “There, behind the crest of the hollow, the insidious enemy… the levers themselves and – forward.”

враги не дремлют, нельзя шатать трон, все сплотимся, в общем, чистый Обитаемый Остров: “Там, за гребнем лощины, коварный враг… Рычаги на себя и – вперед.”

The moral of the Russian sci-fi film cited, is that there are better ways to deal with a television-brainwashing empire than just by taking over the brainwashing. This I just found on the Antiquaries Forum (as you can see from the irritating “watermark”): Hello from Graham and the preternaturally beautiful procurator of the Crimean Republic:


anna_sv takes a dim view of this installation, which appeared on Sofia Square, in the heart of Kiev, facing Hagia Sophia — Orthodox shrines of ancient Russia. Large decorative egg, painted under the swastika, established as part of the Easter exhibition in front of the Cathedral of St Sophia. The author of the work is the artist Natalia Voytenko. “Aryan Pasca. Pysanka ‘Swasta'”, so she called his art. It’s not assholes or freaks, they are children of Satan.


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