yesterday i saw a jpost story which claimed that ammonium chloride was an explosive, i guess highschool science is out of fashion

Kenya police foil anthrax attack by ISIS-linked group
BBC, May 3 2016

_89562250_kenyacompositeAbdi Ali, Nuseiba Mohammed Haji & Fatuma Mohammed Hanshi – RB

Kenyan police say they have foiled a large-scale biological attack using anthrax by a terror group with links to ISIS. A man, his wife and another woman have been arrested. Rewards have been offered for two other men. Police did not name the network, but said it stretches across the country and outside its borders, including to Somalia, Libya and Syria. There was no immediate independent confirmation. The police said in a statement that Mohammed Abdi Ali, a medical intern at a Kenyan hospital, was in charge of a “terror network planning large-scale attacks akin to the Westgate Mall attack.” They say he was also “engaged in the active radicalisation” of students, and helped recruit Kenyans “to join terror groups in Libya and Syria” (which probably means he was a recruiter for the CIA – RB) The statement says the network included medical experts who could help organise a biological attack using anthrax. His wife Nuseiba Mohammed Haji was arrested in Uganda along with her friend Fatuma Mohammed Hanshi. The police said accomplices had gone in to hiding, including Ahmed Hish and Farah Dagane, who are medical interns. Police described them as armed and dangerous and offered two million Kenyan shillings ($20k) for information leading to their apprehension.

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