definitely time for another of my kabbalistic efforts (remember, i pull these straight outta my ass)

In previous posts, I have given a general picture of four worlds. Assiah (action) is the lowest world, and it is nothing other than the physical universe itself, considered purely in material terms. I consider that ‘matter’ is ‘the shells’, by the way. I do not believe in another world for the ‘shells’ beneath Assiah. Minds (ruhot) all live in Yetzirah (formation, approx), which is the next world up. We might as well call it the Astral Plane, though of course this is just one of those dotty english expressions coined by Mme Blavatsky in the 19th century e.v. for the Theosophists. I think of Yetzirah as something like Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”, which was a prehistoric jungle protected by some sort of freak geological fissure in the middle of Africa and inhabited by classical and much-loved prehistoric monsters. But Yetzirah is entirely non-material. You can be whatever you will to be in Yetzirah, as long as your will is strong enough to sustain you. You have no body and no brain, so your mind is held together by will and self-awareness alone. It is in this form and onto this plane that you emerge at physical (shell) death. Now I want to make my actual point, which I warn you involves faculties you may not have yet. The test is as follows: can you recall, on acid perhaps, looking at a visual surface of undetermined location (whether without you or within you), and perceiving that it is itself already latently alive? And that your own gaze is having the effect of differentiating previously indistinct points on it, which begin to emerge from the surface and acquire personalities, self-awareness, and apparently even ‘souls’ of their own, simply because you are gazing upon them? Read David Tibet’s magnificent (anti-Christian) song “Christ and the Pale Queens, if you haven’t. Notice the lines:

But when the angels came to awareness within their light,
They forgot me and wanted to be as I am…

That is not quite how I perceive it: in fact, when I was a teenage acidhead I was always terrified I would invite a fierce response against myself if I allowed these hallucinations to develop. But now I have a superior (and legal) psychedelic, salvia divinorum, and I am in a position to say that I should have let it happen. Given the subcultural mores of the day (1968/9), I would probably have emerged as a sort of teenage Satanist. My point in any case does not concern my own capacities or lack of them, but the substantial layout of the four worlds. What I am trying to develop is the idea that each world has an undifferentiated continuum as its floor, composed of the substance of the consciousness which inhabits the next world down. So when the beings in the upper world look down, they immediately begin to evoke self-aware individualities from the world below, beings which would not otherwise have come into differentiated, individual, self-aware existence except by being gazed upon. So:

  • Assiah has a floor composed of matter (qlipah).
  • Yetzirah has a floor of nefesh (animal life energy, dominant form of consciousness in Assiah).
  • B’riah has a floor of ruach (mind, dominant form of consciousness in Yetzirah).
  • Atzilut has a floor of neshamah (soul), dominant form of consciousness in B’riah.

IMO, the neshamot are group souls. They are in fact our ‘heavens’, since they are the highest that human-style individualities can ever reach. IMO, the surface of each group-soul is composed of numerous erotically and actively interwoven ruachot, but the interior contains the neshamah proper, which is a higher form of consciousness corresponding roughly to what on earth is called a nation, a faith, a race, or whatever. (It cannot be read off from material DNA, I promise you that.) It is not possible to fly up from the floor of Yetzirah to your desired and longed-for group-soul home in B’riah unaided, unless somebody up there likes you, or else you have really fantastic wings (ie willpower) – RB

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