murid on turkey

The sentence
El Murid, May 8 2016

In Turkey has sentenced two journalists Erdem gül Dündar and Jana, who were accused of divulging state secrets, which were classified as information on the supply militants in Syria with weapons and ammunition. The West has expressed concern and called for the respect of freedom of speech, and all due to her rights of journalists. The problem is that Turkey was in a situation that is difficult to describe in familiar terms. Not only Turkey, by the way, in general, any country that in one form or another falls into the so-called “hybrid war,” from whatever side she did not lead. Strictly technically speaking, Turkey is not at war with anyone, including Syria. However, on the fact she involved in this war, and with the actual point of view Turkey is a full – fledged belligerent country. Hence the duality of what is happening. Fight the Turks, so to speak, legally, no problem would have to be introduced all the required in this case events, including military censorship and restrictions of freedom of speech, no special objection in this case, it is hardly followed. But Turkey has not declared war, and therefore cannot legally enter all the required in such cases mechanisms.From here and problems. Thus, it is clear, everything is understood, and no special illusions about the real situation is not experienced. Yes, the Turks are fighting. But the politeness is necessary to comply, hence statements about the need to respect, adhere to and not violate. For us, by the way, this situation is also quite symmetric: we, of course, wherever possible, talking about their lack of involvement in the events in Ukraine, declare that Russia is not a party to the conflict, but here it is and everyone understands. Well, maybe except for the completely shell-shocked by our propaganda, but there is a definite clinical picture. Therefore, accept the apparently meaningless laws about concealing military losses. Meaningless for a country that is not at war, but quite logical for a country that is already in a state of war, at least virtually. This creates a number of inconveniences, for example, the government categorically does not recognize its own soldiers dying and getting captured on-site, where we are not and can not be. Have silently and stealthily to bury their soldiers, whose only fault is that they dared to die following an order. But it’s exactly the same problem, which is available from Turkey. And how to deal with this ambivalent situation, it seems that while no country in the world has decided, and therefore everywhere to solve problems in their own way.

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