Note: Murid says he thinks that in the end Da’esh will target the Toads. I think Da’esh is the Toads (more precisely Bandar). But as a pretext, maybe, he was sacked because he insulted Putin – RB

El Murid, Jun 23 2016

The phenomenon of suicide bombers by the ISIS do not know how anyone, but I think it is extremely interesting from the point of view of their mass use and the inexhaustible “reserves”. This is a new phenomenon not seen in modern history, perhaps, anywhere else. It is not about heroism in our understanding. It was always in some measure a spontaneous act. In world such acts of self-sacrifice on our part were frequent. This rams airmen, and Marines rushing under tanks with bundles of grenades, and those who covered the loopholes: that is, people deliberately went to death, however the decision was made “in place” and strictly individually. In fact, so it is about heroism, how about some higher impulse. From ISIS the situation is quite different. The bombers put on the conveyor, there are whole workshops on preparing car-bombs in advanced orders prior to the third (or at least up to a quarter) of militants coming to fight with belts and without hesitation apply them, they find themselves surrounded by enemies. That is about the heroism in our understanding it is not all very rational and technologically advanced, perhaps the only close analogy here – the Japanese kamikaze, although, of course, everything is different: mentality, tradition, and motivation.

In general, the phenomenon is very interesting from all points of view, and as far as I can tell, they do no one does – I mean for any open publications. Maybe, intelligence agencies and military have attended this kind of research, but something systemic and I have not yet met. Neither we, nor in foreign literature. Yet as you can tell, there is a period of accumulation. With the material, it should be noted, rich. Over the past month, around mid-may-mid-June, approximately the territory of Syria and Iraq daily, explode up to 15 cars. On some days reached 40. In other words, over the last month ISIS has used nearly 500 car bombs, and it is only those who reached the target and exploded near it. Destroyed on the road can be considered at least 100 (maybe a little less or more). Bombers are single (which zones) statistics are much more sparse and may be only estimated. Typically, these explode directly in the battle, the surviving opponents are not always able to assess what happened and non-survivors nothing to report.Eating roughly about 10-15 people a day over the same period, blew up his belt during the battle, that is, approximately 500 people per month become suicide bombers, deliberately undermining himself with the enemy, and making it consciously and prepared in advance, which again, allows us to speak of their heroism in our understanding of the term. Again, prudent technology.

A thousand bombers in a month is an absolute phenomenon of recent times, as says fundamentally unique methods that allows the average person in a relatively short time to create programmed death of a soldier. In this case we are not talking about a bio – yesterday’s report from the road Sapojnikova Itria-Rakka tells about the bomber on sharemobile, who drove off the road and he’s making sure that will not be able to complete the task, just turned and went back into the desert.It is also very remarkable moment: the person not simply goes to death, and soberly assesses the chances that the zombie is almost impossible. And in General, the actions of istishhadi suicide in most cases, rational and verified. Yesterday I saw a movie in which a suicide bomber in the dark somehow tapped into a convoy of Iraqi military, traveled with them for some time without arousing suspicion (although carelessness in those places borders on clinical idiocy, truly “Dementia and courage”), and then blew up the car when we’re getting deserves, in his opinion, objective.In General not exactly zombies, as they are programmed in a very primitive scheme, and this is done deliberately: a person should not fall from it, should not take independent decisions, as in this case, the program can be off. The problem that was solved (quite obviously) ISIS is actually incredibly complex, if we talk about previous training of suicide bombers. First, before it was impossible even to assume that someone will be able to such quantities to make it a deadly weapon. Second, is istishhadi do not behave in an example of a more reasonable and rational than all the previous bombers, without exception, all combat terrorist groups.While the vast majority of cases of suicide of individuals as a rule, were accompanied by “observers”, whose task was the duplication of detonation, if the program will go astray.

I’m still trying to organize the material that appeared in the last month and a half, in fact, so spread daily texts on Syria and Iraq – they are mostly for me to fold in one place narrative. The very situation in Syria and Iraq, the truth is, I’m much less interesting than the phenomenon – there is just everything is clear and sad.We see the prolonged agony, and there are only a few issues that seem clear – when States recognize a Kurdish Federation that joint efforts of all parties will vypnut” from Syria, the Russian military, how it will be implemented the us-Iranian plan for the partition of Syria and Iraq, and most importantly, where it will deploy ISIS, the Iranians and the Pindostanis are after with these questions will be more or less solved. I think that finally for the Toads. But it will be then, and now interest is the question: whether the leaders of ISIS to endure to continue the same rate of application suicide? If Yes, then we’ve already worked out the technology of their preparation, and we have to admit that with such a weapon nor the West, nor are we now to cope not. In fact, the collapse in Belgium and France, after applying a few suicide bombers, leads us to the question: what would happen if they are used in a quantity comparable to that which applies today in Syria and Iraq?How long I can withstand any country, if, in its cities on a daily basis will use several dozen suicide bombers? Yes, if every time after that will follow the attack let microscopic, but quite motivated and sharpened on the result of the terror groups? And here is a question that really is the answer not obvious.

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