if you’re interested in avoiding globalism, think harder

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El Murid, Jun 25 2016

The story of Brexit is long-term, of course, and all the fun will definitely not come right now. Even if the decision to withdraw will be a guide to action (which, incidentally, is not the fact), the divorce will take several years, and in addition, in the UK itself there will be their own “exit”, in the first place with Scotland, which is also to be not easy and fast. Modern audiences are not able to retain information longer than a week or two, very quickly forget today and only flashes and fragments of memory will remember: Oh, yeah, somewhere heard about it. However, the situation is curious in a very non-obvious, but quite a contradiction. Strictly formally, the victory of the supporters of exit is the victory of the national over the global. The play of Europe has reached its time, and the nations move back to national borders. While Le Pen dreams of nationally oriented France, the British spur of the moment and very strongly held a referendum about the same. That is, have the globalists lost?

Don’t rush it. The collapse of the United Europe is, of course, be a heavy blow to the Fourth Reich, though hardly fatal. In the end, the Germans realize the idea of a United Europe has God knows how many centuries, so that the current setback will only mean the launch of the project of the Fifth Reich. It’s the national idea of the Germans, and they were able to implement it until there was Germany. This is the strategic task facing all nations, civilizations (and the Germans is definitely a separate civilization). Russia, for example, faces such a task in the Straits into the Mediterranean. We are four hundred years of war with different breaks with Turkey over the Straits, and will fight as long as Russia, Turkey or these Straits, of which the first will end sooner. However, a British exit from the EU sharply devalues the very idea of a United Europe, and if nevertheless this output will take place, the EU will undoubtedly begin to agonize. In a natural way will happen “otvarivanie” from the project the following parts, and each time accelerating. The result will be again the Europe national boundaries (though, it is not clear what those will be).

Formally, is the victory of the national over the global, but in fact much more complicated. It could be a true statement, if Europe was the only global project. However, right now the formation of two superrange – the TTIP and TTP, and a unified Europe had become an integral part of one of those mega. The negotiations were and are extremely difficult, secret and very mysterious. The logic in this is: the draft TTIP zeroes of the EU as a subject of politics and Economics.The jurisdiction of the EU in the TTIP will be strictly limited to the transmission powers of the special courts of arbitration that will govern the entire legal basis and resolve the contradictions and conflicts of the future Transatlantic partnership. Voluntarily passing itself into the hands of justice, Europe is becoming for the TTIP is the same, what it has turned to Eastern Europe – a semi-colony of the transnational corporations that are behind the TTIP and TTP.

In fact, so negotiations are hard and long. The European bureaucracy, although it is subordinate in relation to Pindostan, operates on the basis of the instinct of self-preservation. In the TTIP it will also face a purely decorative and subordinate role. The destruction of the EU in this case, becomes advantageous from the point of view of compulsion of Europe to the conclusion of this agreement on a full and unconditional surrender. Logical: to force Europe to partnership of this kind is much more difficult than individual countries alone.In addition, there is another plus: in Europe, the TNC is not interested in all of the country: who needs any Romania or, God forbid, Ukraine? In a United Europe they will have to wear useless ballast, and the non-uniqueness is possible to separate and if we are to join the partnership, quite different and more onerous terms than such tidbits as Germany or France. As it turns out, the victory of the national over the global gives the green light to another global, and much more unpleasant and dangerous for Europeans.

England, it seems, realized that if to get off the train, it is better to do first and on an exclusive basis. In addition, historically England has a very special relationship with continental Europe, and in a situation when the crisis openly covers this project, it makes sense to stay in it does not see any. For the globalist elite of Pindostan (well, not just them, of course) the collapse of the EU is now convenient and profitable. Before projects TTIP and TTP did not exist, globalization was on the march and all was well: United Europe was necessary, important and useful, as the control of Pindostan and her clan on the European continent. Now this is not necessary, on the contrary: now sets the trend for fragmentation of all the world space. With small and non-automatic players much easier not to negotiate but to dictate terms. In this sense, the dismemberment of countries in any form works for the interests of the global elite. Reformatting of the MENA & southern Europe is on the path of fragmentation, and any attempt to create associations and alliances are nipped in the bud.

Russia is also involved in this process, and clearly on the side of the global clans. In any case, Putin’s Kremlin has already participated in the dismemberment of Georgia and Ukraine, which clearly deserves cookies, but the problem is that as a praise now Russia already scheduled to the same. Time went so booze, no one will be for us to create some special conditions and we are not exactly allowed to remain unified, and theoretically an independent country. Why? When you consider that in Russia the agents of the global elite occupy the upper echelons of power, it is easy to assume that they will do what is necessary: namely, to prepare the country for disintegration. Again, purely technically, it will serve as the triumph of the national over the global. “Stop feeding!” could be the slogan of the moment, and the first step to the disintegration of the country. So estimating a referendum held in England, you need to take this into account. All is not as it seems. Liberated from the yoke of EU bureaucracy, UK will have to pay to their own decay: Scotland will not leave the EU even at the cost out of Great Britain. What are the UK’s national interests?

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