every time a phony leftwinger who folds, obviously

Sanders signals fight over Israel in DNC platform not finished
Michael Wilner, JPost, Jun 26 2016

kfihgfiudsoufyPhony “progressive” shit at the Vatican, Apr 15 2016

FASCHINGSTEIN – Bernie Sanders did not push back against the characterization that he “lost” his battle to alter language on Isro/Pal in the Democratic Party Platform on Sunday. After a partial meeting of the party’s platform committee held in Saturday, CNN’s Jake Tapper told Sanders that his appointees had failed to include fresh, sharp language on Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, which the presidential candidate had previously advocated for. According to an AP report, the initial meeting ended with a compromise to include reference to Pal rights, but without any use of the terms “settlement activity” or “occupation.” Sanders said in response:

Jake captured exactly what happened in St Louis. We lost some very important fights. We’re going to take that fight to Orlando, where the entire committee meets in two weeks.

Sanders then listed his priorities, specifically on climate change, raising the minimum wage and other domestic issues, without reiterating his policies on Middle East peace. The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia at the end of July.

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