jackass & bibi: i wouldn’t bother to be a fly on the wall

No Breakthrough Expected In Jackass-Bibi Rome Meeting
Avaneesh Pandey, IB Times, Jun 26 2016

In what is being described as a last ditch effort to salvage the fraught Isro-Pal peace process pointless crock of shit, Jackass Kerry will meet Bibi Netanyahu in Rome Sunday. However, as is evident from remarks made by Pindo boxtops ahead of the meeting, hopes of a breakthrough are slim at best the whole thing is just a typical Jewish waste of time. Liar & bully Kirby said during a press briefing Friday:

Jackass plans to discuss a range of regional issues with Bibi at their meeting in Rome, which includes the fight against Daesh, recent developments in Syria. He will not be trying to restart peace talks between the Isro/Pal or offering any new initiatives. Obviously … they’ll talk about where things stand with respect to movement to or away from a two-state solution. But … he’s not going to restart talks.

The meeting comes a few days after France launched a multi-nation diplomatic initiative to revive the peace process through a meeting that many felt was doomed from the start. Although Jackass attended the conference in Paris earlier in June, where he urged both sides in the conflict to take “affirmative steps” to preserve peace in the region, Isro/Pal weren’t at the meeting. Isro rejected the overture, saying peace in the region cannot be “coerced.” Sunday’s meeting in Rome is also likely to touch upon the imminent release of a report by the Quartet, which will “largely reflect the Quartet statement from September,” Kirby said, referring to an earlier statement in which the group said ongoing settlement activity in the West Bank and continuing demolition of Pal homes in the OPT were “dangerously imperilling” the viability of a two-state solution. Kirby added:

It will include recommendations that can help inform international discussions on the best way to advance a two-state solution.

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