Iraq. Turbulence
El Murid, Jul 3 2016

The Baghdad night was a powerful attack. Blown up by a car bomb. Killed more than 80 people. The Prime Minister managed to do a little PR even on this event, saying that it was the response ISIS on the successes of the Iraqi army in Fallujah. An angry crowd pelted the motorcade of the Prime Minister with stones and sticks, after which he quickly departed. The bitterness in Iraq reached very high values. In this situation, the government have been deprived of freedom of maneuver – Shiites require even greater ferocity, Sunnis fleeing ISIS. Charges radical Shiite leaders turn them into leaders of masses. There is a massive influx of radicals in Shiite militia groups, which while not eager to go to the front, and all the more occupied with the cleaning work in the rear, looking for enemies of the regime among the Sunni and not too radical Shiites. The South of Iraq, home to the so-called “swamp Shiites” – a hotbed of radicalism, and that he became uncontrollable to the authorities of the area ruled by local radical imams, thugs and other such public. They are quite satisfied with growing “turbulence” and the weakness of the authorities – for the most part, aside from a fanatical religious leaders, the main motive becomes banal self-interest and the opportunity to plunder.

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