chetayev a georgian secret agent

In Tbilisi, Istanbul terrorist Chatayev was named agent of the Georgian special services, Jul 3 2016

A suspect in organizing terrorist attacks in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, Chechnyan native Ahmed Chatayev was an agent of Georgian special services during the reign of Mikhail Saakashvili. This was stated by the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on defense and national security of Georgia Irakli Sesiashvili, reports “Interfax” on Sunday Jul 3. Sesiashvili said:

Unfortunately, Ahmed Chatayev was an intelligence agent during the rule of Saakashvili. He was the operational passport of a citizen of Georgia, through which he traveled to various countries and perform operational tasks, for which he received a salary.

On Jul 1, the Governor of Odessa region of Ukraine Mikhail Saakashvili reported on his page in Facebook that Chatayev few months, was under arrest in Georgia. He wrote:

He was arrested by my government in Georgia during counter-terrorism operations, led by General Giorgi Lortkipanidze, who now heads the police of Odessa. Three members of our security forces died in the operation.

The victims of the explosions at the airport in Istanbul were more than 30 people. According to him, came in 2012, a new government headed by Bidzina Ivanishvili released chatayev, because it was considered a political prisoner. On Jun 30 it was reported that Chatayev was on the Federal wanted list since 2008. According to police, a few years ago he emigrated to Europe. Chatayev allegedly worked for the leader of the group “Caucasus Emirate” Doku Umarov, and after his death joined Daesh. On Jun 28, three terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons near Istanbul airport, then two of them detonated explosive devices inside the terminal, and the third at the entrance to the building. 42 people died and over 200 were injured. The Turkish authorities stated that the attack is Daesh. Police arrested 13 suspected of involvement in the attack. Among them three foreigners.

Agent of Georgian special services
Colonel Cassad, Jul 3 2016

Now it’s clear why Saakashvili is so sharply involved in shifting the blame for the current Georgian leadership, because he felt that it may float its direct involvement in cooperation with an international terrorist. However the news is silent when it Chatayev is started and when finished to receive a salary from the Georgians. Plus a trailer is still a little fakturka about the struggle of “human rights” for freedom international terrorist. New information on ASP 07/10, EUR index 50/001/2010:

ECHR, Jan 22 2010: On Jan 14 the European court of human rights has urged the Ukrainian authorities until further notice not to extradite to Russia Ahmed Chatayev, a Chechen by nationality. As a state party to the European Convention for the protection of human rights, Ukraine is obliged to execute the court decision. On Jan 3, in Uzhgorod (near the border with Slovakia) employees of militia detained the disabled Akhmed Chatayev. The reason for the detention became an international arrest warrant issued by Russia. It is argued that the search warrant include allegations of terrorism. Since then, Ahmed Chatayev is located in Uzhgorod remand prison. Akhmed Chatayev in Austria received refugee status, while in Ukraine visited on a valid visa. After his detention, the lawyer Akhmed Chatayev filed a complaint to the European court of human rights and simultaneously filed a motion, asking the court to dispose of the so-called interim measure of protection Akhmed Chatayev from irrevocable steps until the court hears his case.

This is the first update on 07/10 ASP (EUR 50/011/2010). For more information: here):

Amnesty International believes that if Akhmed Chatayev will return to Russia, he faces unfair trial, and torture and other ill-treatment, which can apply to force him to “confess”. PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Russian, Ukrainian or your own language: demanding that the Ukrainian authorities to implement the decision of the European court of human rights of January 14, and not to extradite to Russia Akhmed chatayev until further notice; reminding the leadership of Ukraine that this country is party to the Convention relating to the status of refugees of 1951 and the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment, so she has no right to forcibly send refugees and asylum-seekers to States where the seriously threatened with the death penalty, torture or other gross violations of human rights. PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE BEFORE MAR 5 2010 to the FOLLOWING ADDRESSEES: General Prosecutor, Alexander Medvedko, Ulitsa Reznitskaya 13/15, Kyiv 01601, Ukraine (Fax: +380 44 280 2851). Appeal: Dear Mr attorney General! Also send copies of the letter to the diplomatic missions of Ukraine in your country. After this date before you send a letter, contact AI in your country. Embassy of Ukraine in Russia.


Amnesty International and other human rights organizations working in the region, is concerned that in the Russian Federation on the basis of “confessions” obtained under torture, many Chechens charged with such crimes as participation in illegal armed groups or terrorist attacks. In addition, there is reason to believe that the trials in the cases of Chechens are held with violations and based on fabricated evidence.As far as we know, in Feb 2006 the Commissioner for human rights in the Chechen Republic Nurdi Nukhazhiev said that many Chechens are deprived of their liberty in Russia, was convicted on the basis of false accusations and that most cases should be reviewed. To date, almost no investigation of torture is not over punishment for law enforcement officers, resulting in the region has created a climate of impunity. Ukraine has repeatedly violated the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers, not respecting the obligations undertaken in the framework of international law in human rights and refugee law. Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly tried to extradite to Russia the Chechen Lema Susarov, despite the fact that the UN high Commissioner for refugees has recognized its status and, if returned, he was threatened with torture. He was released in July 2008 and allowed to travel to Finland, have expressed their willingness to grant him asylum (see ASP 207/07, EUR 50/003/2007, and more information).The fourth and fifth of March 2008 the Ukrainian authorities extradited 11 asylum-seekers-the Tamils in Sri Lanka, where the threatened gross human rights violations, including torture and ill-treatment. Six of them filed in Ukraine petition to grant them refugee status. Nevertheless, they were expelled without the right to appeal.The second of September 2009, six citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo arrived on August 31 at the airport “Borispol”, was expelled from Ukraine, despite the fact that one of them, as far as we know, unequivocally expressed the intention to file a petition to grant him asylum in Ukraine. Recently, on November 28, Ukraine deported to Dubai eight citizens of Afghanistan – three women and five children aged from three to 15 years (see ASP 318/09, EUR 50/004/2009 and additional information). They tried to reunite with a relative who has received refugee status in the United Kingdom.

But the Prosecutor General of Ukraine under Yushchenko was the Interior Minister under Yanukovych. According to Yuri Lutsenko, was sent to the request to Austria to be confirmed the document’s authenticity.

And on the other hand, he (Chatayev) really now the decision of the local court arrested, and the competence of the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine is a decision, or extradition, or deportation to the Republic of Austria,” said the Minister. Lutsenko said that police officers in the mobile phone of the detainee found instructions for subversion, “pictures of various dead people, including by undermining. In this regard, we really had doubts. However, confirmation should come from the Austrian side. And the final verdict has to endure the prosecution,.

Instructions to undermine, photos of dead citizens, an excellent reason for doubt. But if the European Court of Human Rights and human rights activists (AI) say that this person is a “victim”, then without reflection let go. In general, it’s all about Chatayev is a huge smelly pile of known substance which smeared a huge amount of different organizations and individuals. I think here we are still waiting for some wonderful revelations.

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