what would the jews do, if it weren’t for the power of hatred

Yvette calls Zoabi a Terr’ist
Jonathan Lis, MondoWeiss, Jul 3 2016

On Jun 29, MK Hanin Zoabi sparked an uproar by stating that Israeli commandos who killed nine people on a Turkish aid boat in 2010 were murderers. Other MKs rushed her and called her such names as “filth” and “terrorist.” Now Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has made the charge against Zoabi that she is a terrorist. Hebrew source here. Translation by Jonathan Ofir.

Yesterday the Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman published a post on his Facebook with the following language: “IDF soldiers will continue to fight against terrorists in sea, air and land, and that includes terrorists (feminine form of noun) who sail the seas and are MKs.” This call constitutes prima face incitement to violence, which is prohibited by law and carries a penalty stipulated in law. There exists enhanced severity and even real danger that someone will see in these words a directive and would act in order to harm MK Hanin according to the expression of the Minister of Defense’s words. The Minister of Defense is known for inciting and violent expressions against the Arab public and against publicly elected Arab representatives. Before the last elections, during a convention at IDC Herzliya, he was quoted answering a question regarding Arab citizens of Israel, saying that “whoever is against us, there is nothing to do but to raise an axe and chop their head off.” The repeated sayings of Mr Lieberman calling for acting violently against Arab citizens of the state, become an imminent and tangible danger from the moment he was appointed as Defense Minister with thousands of soldiers under his authority.

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