hollande must know perfectly well nusra is backed by CIA (& erdogan, IMO)

Hollande calls for military action against Syrian AQ affiliate
Middle East Eye, Jul 9 2016

French Pres Hollande called on Saturday for international action against an AQ affiliate in Syria, directing his appeal at Russia and Pindostan. Hollande said on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Warsaw:

Daesh is in retreat, that is beyond dispute, but we must also avoid a situation whereby, as Daesh becomes weaker, other groups become stronger. We must coordinate among ourselves to continue actions against Daesh, but also … take effective action against Nusra.

Hollande singled out Nusra as particularly standing to benefit from the Pindo-led military campaign against ISIS. On Wednesday, Obama and Putin agreed in a phone call to intensify military coordination between their two countries in Syria. The White House reported that the two leaders in their call this week “confirmed their commitment to defeating ISIS and Nusra.” The two groups are excluded from a broader truce brokered by Moscow and Washington in February.

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