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Pro-Pal activists accuse Israel of culpability in police slayings of Black Pindostanis
JPost, Jul 11 2016

Several pro-Pal orgs and activists have accused Israel of culpability in the deaths of Black Pindostanis at the hands of Pindostani police, following the recent killings of two Black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. The most egregious example was that of the NYU SJP, which stated in a recent Facebook post that the “genocide” of Black Pindostanis in the Pindostan was being perpetrated by those responsible for the “genocide” of Pals. A common theme in such accusations has been to blame Israel for violent police practices in Pindostan due to the Israeli counter-terrorism training received by some Pindo police. Many of these claims have focused specifically on one counter-terrorism program run by the ADL, which has taken 200 cops to Israel, according to the ADL’s website. On Thursday, NYU SJP issued a post on its Facebook page condemning the number of Black people killed by the pigs in Pindostan, and called for Pals to support Black Pindostanis protesting against such violence. The group wrote:

We must remember that many US police departments train with the IDF. The same forces behind the genocide of black people in Pindostan are behind the genocide of Pals.

After generating outrage on Facebook and Twitter, the group issued a new statement saying that it had not meant to accuse Israel of directly killing black Pindostanis but that, since some Pindo police personnel have received some training in Israel, “the IDF assists the NYPD and other Pindosi police departments in their oppression and murder of black people.”

On Friday, Jewish pro-Palestinian activist Alice Rothchild wrote an opinion piece on Mondoweiss also drawing attention to training received by some Pindo law enforcement officials in Israel, and alleged that IDF policies are based on racism toward “brown people”:

While the carnage in our cities is certainly related to our own history of slavery and modern day racism and lack of gun control and a host of societal forces, having a police force influenced and trained by an occupying military force that sees another group of brown people (Arabs) as the enemy has certainly heightened the issue. The parallels between white racism and Jewish supremacy flourish here and abroad.

Marc Lamont Hill, a Pindosi academic and a CNN political commentator, also made a comparison between Pindo police practices and the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Hill said in an interview on Democracy Now:

We also have to engage the question of power, because everyday citizens don’t have equal footing with the state in order to battle the state, in the same way that I would argue Palestinians and Israelis don’t have the same footing. One is in a position of power, one is an occupying force, one is not.

Some elements of the Black Lives Matter protest movement against Pindo police violence towards black Pindosis have sought from their inception to tie themselves to pro-Palestinian activism. One group, in particular, Dream Defenders, which was founded in 2012 by three men, including east-Jayloomia born Ahmad Abuznaid, in response to the slaying of teenager Trayvon Martin, has been extremely active in this regard. As its website declares, the group has a project dedicated to activism against the “continued settler colonial project, the state of Israel.”

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