zoabi doesn’t want to be “guarded” by her oppressors

Zoabi refuses Knesset bodyguards despite death threats
Lahav Harkov, JPost, Jul 11 2016

ljtdtjyasjrgtxk,Hanin Zoabi speaks at Central Elections Committee hearing to ban her from running for Knesset.
(Photo: Marc Israel Sellem)

MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List) effectively refused personal protection from Knesset security, even though she has received death threats that the police found to be credible. According to sources in the Knesset, she refused to give her schedule to Knesset Security Office Yosef Griff, preventing him from assigning bodyguards to protect her. A week and a half ago, Zoabi called IDF soldiers “murderers” during a speech in the Knesset, sparking a near-brawl in the plenum. Since then, she has received death threats, and the police determined have reached “level three,” meaning she requires more security. Zoabi declined to comment. Following the Knesset mêlée, Netanyahu asked Attorney-General Mandelblit to look into legal ways of removing Zoabi from the Knesset (sic – RB). The Ethics Committee received more than 100 complaints, a record number, against Zoabi following her statements, most of which were from concerned citizens (sic – RB). In the past, the committee has suspended Zoabi from all Knesset activity except voting for periods of several months for repeatedly inciting terrorism.

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