we hate you (little girls)

Clinton-Led Democrats Are Now “To the Right of George W Bush” on Palestinian Rights
Glenn Greenwald, Intercept, July 12 2016

Graun, Jan 10 2008:

Graun, Jan 9 2008:

CNN, Jul 10 2006:

Haaretz, Jun 25 2016:

There are countless ways to see that the rhetorical monuments of magnanimity, humanitarianism and equality which Democrat Party leaders and their loyal followers love to erect in honour of themselves are nothing more than manipulative, self-glorifying dreck. But few pathologies illustrate that deceit more potently than their utter indifference and now, in the Hillary Clinton era, outright contempt for the plight of Palestinians and their steadfast subservience to right-wing Israeli nationalism. As Demos’ Sean McElwee put it:

Hillary Clinton herself has covertly run one of the most anti-Palestinian, pro-Israeli-aggression presidential campaigns in modern history from either party. That’s not surprising given her general militarism and the dominance of USraeli billionaire Haim “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel” Saban in funding her campaign and the Democrat Party generally. Surprising or not, though, the Clinton-led Democrat Party’s hostility toward the most basic precepts of equality and dignity for Palestinians, and their willingness, their eagerness to support and cheer for the most extremist Israeli acts of oppression, racism and decades-long occupation, is nothing short of despicable.

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