difficult translation of murid

Putin-Kerry. Tomorrow
El Murid, Jul 143 2016

Tomorrow Putin meets with Kerry. Vaguely stated that it will focus on Syria, Ukraine and bilateral relations. Kerry’s visit objectively it’s a after the NATO summit. Adopted decisions will effectively break all previous agreements and because Kerry is going to inform about the decisions and next steps. The first is, of course, Ukraine. The establishment of G5+Ukraine kicks the Minsk “process” to the curb. Kerry is obliged to inform on the current state of “Minsk” in the generated configuration and where possible to dispel the illusion. Maybe he made some concessions, but the main thing is that now on the spur of the moment he created another forum for the discussion of the Ukrainian situation, in which Russia is not allowed at all. Moreover, the decision as translated into the terms of “Minsk” plays the role of the executive mechanism for these decisions. Breakthrough is inviting Russia as an observer, although even this is hardly possible, in this case speech can go only about the system of bringing solutions to the “six” to the Kremlin (Putin – RB). The second question concerns the actions of NATO in the Baltic and Black Seas. If the Black Sea is still difficult, and the creation of a naval grouping of NATO can only rely on the Black Sea states, the Baltic Sea restrictions for the presence of marine forces there, and the landlocked position of Kaliningrad just begs the configuration of potential theatre of war. In fact, the whole operational environment (being surrounded by the enemy – RB) is obvious, and Kerry could only articulate the conditions under which there will be certain activities of NATO around Kaliningrad. In Syria, the question remains the fate of Assad. Again, on the spur of the moment and without consultation with Russia, Pindostan has already established a transitional government led by Jawad Abu Hatab. Strictly in pursuance of the UNSCR, by the way, for which Russia also voted. The event took place just yesterday, so there’s no reaction from the Russian media on it yet, but it is extremely unpleasant for the Kremlin, just as much as the G5+Ukraine, it comes without their participation. What is doubly frustrating is we should at least have had Iran standing with us as an ally, defending Assad, However, Iran keeps quiet about this. And if so, here we have another failure of Russian diplomacy. Strictly formally, Assad also created a new government, that yesterday took their oaths. So there is still some room for trade, but frankly, very narrow. Obviously, all of these just emerged circumstances require more meetings and more coordination, and more notifications where Pindostan sees the potential to incorporate Russian interests.

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