israel is allied with the toads, but why iran?

Israel, Iran rally behind Erdogan after failed military coup
AFP, Jul 16 2016

Turkey’s regional allies on Saturday condemned a deadly foiled coup attempt by a faction of the army against Erdogan’s rule. Key regional powers Iran and Israel, which have both had strained relationships with Erdogan’s government, condemned the putsch that began late on Friday night. Israel, which last month approved a deal to restore ties that were frozen after a deadly IDF raid on a Gaza-bound Turkish ship in 2010, condemned the coup attempt. Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said:

Israel respects the democratic process in Turkey and looks forward to the continuation of the reconciliation process between Turkey and Israel.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke with his Turkish counterpart three times since the crisis began. Zarif tweeted late on Friday:

With the exception of Qatar, Iran’s Arab foes in the Gulf made no comment on the events in Turkey besides advising their citizens to stay off the streets. The official Qatari News Agency reported:

In a telephone call with the Turkish leader, Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani congratulated him on the support of the people of Turkey on his rule against the failed military coup. Sheikh Tamim strongly condemned this failed attempt and voiced his solidarity with Turkey in all measures it takes to protect constitutional legitimacy, enforce the rule of law and preserve its security and stability.

Gas-rich Qatar is Erdogan’s closest Gulf ally, sharing his sympathies for the Muslim Brotherhood that formerly ruled Egypt and which is outlawed in other Gulf Arab states. Gaza’s Islamist Hamas rulers, who have friendly ties with Qatar as well as Turkey’s ruling Islamic-rooted AKP party “condemned the failed coup attempt” and “congratulated the people and the Turkish leadership for successfully protecting democracy.” Turkey has recently obtained several compromises from Israel over Gaza, including authorization for Ankara to build a hospital. On Saturday, activists mostly linked to Hamas called for demonstrations in solidarity with the Turkish government. Erdogan called on his supporters on Saturday to remain vigilant, warning of the risks of a fresh flare-up of violence even as his forces regained control. In Khartoum, President Omar al-Bashir:

The government of Sudan and its people condemn the attempted coup in Turkey and the disturbance of security and stability in the country. We stand beside President Erdogan and the people of Turkey.

Turkish PM Binali Yildirim said Saturday that 161 people, not including the putschists, were killed in the coup attempt, with 2,839 soldiers now detained on suspicion of involvement. Turkey’s acting army chief had earlier said 104 putschists had been killed.

Two days ago, Egypt were saying: “First you said Mursi was democratic, & then you didn’t.” – RB

Egypt blocks UNSCR condemning Turkey violence
Reuters, Jul 16 2016

UN – The UNSC failed on Saturday to condemn the violence and unrest in Turkey after Egypt objected to a statement that called on all parties to “respect the democratically elected government of Turkey,” diplomats said. The Pindo-drafted statement also expressed grave concern over the situation in Turkey, urged the parties to show restraint, avoid any violence or bloodshed, and called for an urgent end to the crisis and return to rule of law. Diplomats said Egypt argued that the UNSC was not in a position to determine whether a government had been democratically elected. Egypt’s mission to the UN did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Egyptian President Abd’el-Fattah el-Sisi is a former general who overthrew elected President Mohammad Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood, in 2013 after mass protests against Morsi. Turkey provided support for the MB in Egypt.

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