nusra using grads?

Israeli Jet Reportedly Strikes Syrian Army Near Golan, Rebels Say
Haaretz, Jul 21 2016

An air strike said to have been carried out by an Israeli jet hit a Syrian army post near the Syrian side of Golan Heights on Wednesday, two Syrian rebel sources told Reuters. The IOF refused to comment on the report. Hezbollah, meanwhile, said that the explosions in the Golan Heights were caused by Jabhat al-Nusra and not an Israeli strike. Later, Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV said Syrian government troops retaliated, hitting a Nusra vehicle from which the rockets were fired. In recent weeks, there has been increased fighting in the Syrian border town of Quneitra. Israel has never publicly admitted to carrying out any such attacks in the past. According to Reuters, it was not immediately clear what the exact target of the strike might have been, but rebels operating in the region say the Hezbollah has a presence there. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a large explosion in the provincial capital, Ba’ath City.

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