“pro-russian” battlefield footage from donbass edited for TV

“Donbass in the firing line.” The line of separation.
Episode one: Kominternovo. Film: Maxim Fadeev

Newsfront, Jul 21 2016

NewsFront introduces a new series of documentary films of Max Fadeev, “Donbass in the firing line.” The film presents exclusive footage of fighting on the front lines of the DPR and fighters to protect the Donbass from Ukrainian aggression. Also in the film the locals in Kominternovo talk about the fact that the village is being systematically attacked from positions of the Kiev junta. Representatives of the OSCE record what is happening, but the situation does not change. Now the situation in the DPR has deteriorated, Ukrainian occupiers are constantly increasing density of attacks, pull together the personnel and equipment. Not excluded the option of a full-scale offensive by Kiev. So far, the executioners carry out the tactics of the genocide of civilians by constant shelling of civilian infrastructure. In addition, Ukraine provokes the fire of DPR soldiers on the front line.

Information Agency NewsFront is a new project of the information center “South-Eastern Front,” which began its activities in Mar 2014. Today we are expanding and growing, and growing volumes of information, requiring the launch of a new online resource website. News Front News Agency, whose purpose is objective and truthful coverage of events in Novorossia, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and around the world. NewsFront aims to protect the interests of Russian civilization, showing the true faces of the enemies of the Russian world. We hope to convey to the public the truth about the crimes committed against humanity and to help their readers and viewers to understand the growing flow of cynical lies of the Western media.

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