sure sounds sinister to me

Turkey. Repression
El Murid, Jul 23 2016

The arrests in Turkey are non-stop. Arrested for 7,500 military, 2,000 judges, 300 police and about 700 civilians. That’s not counting the fired tens of thousands. In the coup participated (directly) about 2,000 to 2,500 people, with about 200 (at least according to official figures, almost 500) were killed during the suppression. Almost polovniya половниа were simply beaten to death after their arrest in Erdogan’s “anti-Maidan.” This abundance of numbers says only that the arrests and repression touched many not privy to the coup. Erdogan uses the opportunity to carry out massive purges, and it seems that stripping (зачистки) relates primarily to former colleagues, who defected subsequently to Gulen’s ‘Hizmet’ movement. There are reports that secret squads are being formed from the civilian supporters of Erdogan (although not particularly hiding), something resembling “death squads” (“эксадроны смерти”). In general, this is logical. In addition to Gulenists, Erdogan’s enemies are the supporters of the secular way (the so-called Kemalists). With the Kemalists still not particularly good, but the “titushki” (“титушки”) have already encroached on the monuments of Ataturk. In general, the “peacetime conditions” (“щеневмерлых”) in any country the habits are the same. It is clear that the role the “death squads” (“экадроны смерти”) will execute on the agenda will be the physical elimination of especially stubborn cases. But meanwhile these people are drunk with impunity, and they are reckless.

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