imagine reading this drivel in haaretz

Gary Spedding: Sabbos Goy or Israeli Agent?
Gilad Atzmon, Jul 24, 2016


“We in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Have a Problem With anti-Semitism,” writes Gary Spedding, a pro Palestinian ‘lobbyist’ in Haaretz. Spedding claims to be a Palestinian solidarity activist, but his activism is better described as that of an ‘Israeli agent.’ Spedding’s article provides us with an extraordinary view of Left duplicity and its disastrous role in the solidarity movement. “He writes:

For me, being equipped to recognize and call out anti-Semitism can only strengthen my Palestine advocacy… Having a clear definition of anti-Semitism helps to reassure the Jewish community.

The first question that comes to mind is why a ‘pro’ Palestinian wants to ‘reassure the Jewish community?’ If Spedding really wants to appease the Jews, he should join AIPAC or enlist in the IDF’s Unit 300. Pro Palestinian pretender Spedding doesn’t want us to use “anti-Semitic Jewish power tropes.” He doesn’t want us to ‘vilify’ those “Jews who do identify with Zionism.” The obvious next question is, ‘What in hell makes Spedding think that he is a Palestinian solidarity activist?’ This guy is a text book ultra Zionist merchant, probably an Hasbara agent. Spedding’s criticism of the solidarity movement is identical to the British Jewish Lobby’s campaign against Corbyn.

Some activists have tried to hide their intentions, again playing semantics, by replacing the word ‘Jew’ with ‘Zionist.’ It’s now ‘Zionists control the media’ or ‘Zionists already decided who the next Pindostani president will be,’ instead of ‘the Jews.’

For once, I completely agree with Spedding. Instead of referring to ‘Zionist power’ and ‘Zionist control,’ which are in fact misleading terms, we must be honest and straightforward and refer more properly to the ‘Jewish lobby,’ ‘Jewish power’ and ‘Jewish interests.’ In total congruence with ardent Zionist Alan Dershowitz,  Spedding argues:

Anti-Zionist Jews are also not immune from being complicit in, and promoting, anti-Semitism. If a Jewish person is repeating an anti-Semitic trope it doesn’t suddenly make it kosher for others to repeat.


Spedding confesses:

When people like me raise concerns about anti-Semitism, we are often told that we are ‘useful idiots’ for the Zionists and their agenda.

Well, yes: Spedding is an idiot and a very useful one. He tells us everything we need to know about the dysfunctional Palestinian solidarity movement and the deceitful Left. He helps us to spot the enemy within. Spedding meticulously repeats the Hasbara guidelines:

We must also stop using the Israel-Nazi Germany analogy.

He supports his inane call by quoting Israeli Zionist political commentator +972 luminary Noam Sheizaf:

Saying someone is a Nazi means he represents the ultimate evil: something that shouldn’t be negotiated or compromised with, but only fought.

Spedding needs to understand that for many of us, Israel, its Lobby, the neocons and their Zionist interventionist wars do represent the ultimate evil. Spedding continues:

Activists should walk away from rhetoric that encourages the conflation of right-wing Zionism/Israel’s policies with Judaism and Jewish identity.

Spedding forgot to mention my name here. I claim some of the credit for this ‘conflation’ and I am proud of it. Israel defines itself as the Jewish State. Its tanks are decorated with Jewish symbols. Accordingly, each of Israel’s crimes and its Lobby must be interpreted in the light of Jewish culture, Jewish identity, Judaism and Jewish heritage! Spedding insists:

Palestine activists should stop obsessing over identifying whether someone is Jewish or not, with the assumption that Jews must be given a litmus test on whether they’re pro-Israel, and thus assumed to be untrustworthy.

I wonder if Spedding would communicate the same advice to an anti-Nazi group in the 1930’s. Would he advise the group not to be suspicious of supporters who for some peculiar reason, identify politically as ‘Aryans?’ The presumptive Israeli agent says:

We on the left must stop procrastinating about anti-Semitism… The Jewish community is an oppressed group.

I couldn’t agree more! Jews are amongst the poorest people, despite the fact that they are amongst the hardest working! Jews make up 99% of the West’s population, but their representation in the media, politics, banking and academia is imperceptible! The Left must bring this discrimination to an immediate end! Jews must be proportionally represented once and for all! Spedding continues:

By tackling anti-Jewish oppression on the left, we actually strengthen our movement and allow it to grow.

Corbyn tried to do just that, and saw his party reduced to dust. Instead of fighting Jewish power and emancipating his Party from it, Corbyn tried to appease Labour’s Jewish paymasters and the Jewish Lobby. The outcome was disastrous. The British Left is now a nostalgic interest. Spedding ends his horrendous rant by addressing his comrades:

I urge my fellow activists to be sensitive to the concerns of Jewish individuals and communal groups whenever concerns about anti-Semitism are raised.

I recommend the completely opposite approach. Those who air their concerns with anti-Semitism, people like Spedding, Max Blumenthal, JVP and others, should be presumed to be tribal activists, Israeli agents and/or controlled opposition operatives. Gary Spedding comes just short of admitting to being guilty of all the above.

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