is it golani, as from the golan?

Yes, whatever the transliteration, the phrase “al-Golani” is a reference to Syria’s Golan Heights (Source) – RB

Jabhat al-Nusra
El Murid, Jul 24 2016

The leader Jabhat an-Nusra Golani tomorrow to make a statement about breaking with AQ. It went on for several months, but the main question remains: who will Jabhat an-Nusra join? In fact, she had only two choices: to declare entry in the pro-Western “moderate opposition” or to take the oath to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. For Pindostan, the oath of Da’esh is clearly undesirable, especially against the backdrop of the unfolding election campaign. Such an occasion Trump uses without a doubt! For Russia both, to put it mildly, is not good. If Nusra will go back to its progenitor (and originally it was created as the Syrian branch of Da’esh), this will cast doubt on the thesis that we all won. However, this now looks rather anecdotal, and only thanks to Russian propaganda, it is not too emphasized to the domestic electorate. However, if Nusra will come under the banner of “moderate”, it will put the Kremlin before an obvious dead end: in addition to Da’esh, legitimate targets for bombing in Syria will not remain. What is the problem, is that the Russian troops were introduced absolutely not to fight Da’esh, but in fact they will have in increasing the pace to fight in the war, which the Kremlin has in general no problem. Something that broadcasts the TV: this, of course, reality has nothing to do with to fight Da’esh; we of course gathered only for show. But if things to turn out to go this way, will have nowhere to go, will have to harness oneself in someone else’s war and no nonsense. Or to flee and that, too, exit. We will see what Golani says: it’s possible that will be chosen some intermediate option.

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