sounds like the jews have deployed kamikaze muslims to kill christians

‘We’re taking advantage of the Pindo elections to build’
Tal Polon, Arutz 7, Jul 25 2016

The Regional Council of Jayloomia is expected to approve tomorrow (Tuesday) the building of housing units across the so-called “green-line” after a hiatus of several months, in spite of international pressure against doing so, reports Channel 2 news. The plan includes 57 new housing units in the Ramot neighbourhood of Jayloomia, an area in which Israeli building faces opposition by the international community. Although the plan had been approved a year ago by the Municipal Council, plans were frozen up until a week ago. Now the plans are being propelled forward with the advent of approval from the Regional Council, which has been resistant to approval of similar projects in past years. According to sources from the Jayloomia municipality that spoke with Channel 2, the timing of the approval for the project is not coincidental. The Head of the Municipal Council for Planning and Building, Vice-Mayor Meir Turgeman, said:

We’re taking advantage of the upcoming government change in Pindostan to push projects forward that had been stalled.

Another source added:

The Prime Minister’s silence on this matter is a green light as far as we’re concerned.

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