the question is, who did they attack? and the answer is always arms convoys destined for hezbollah

World power allows Israel to attack ally as its forces watch
Dr Aaron Lerner, IMRA (a hasbara entity – RB), Jul 27 2016

Earlier this week, Israeli fighter jets attacked Syria following mortar fire that struck on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. And it was barely a news item. It reflects a significant achievement by Netanyahu that’s mostly ignored. But not by everyone. Earlier this month, IRGC Commander Brig-Gen Khosro Orouj openly complained:

The anti-aircraft systems that Russia has brought to Syria shouldn’t allow even one single aircraft to fly over the country, but this is not happening.

Netanyahu has apparently reached an understanding with Putin that allows us, under various circumstances, to attack both Syrian and Hezbullah military targets within Syria despite the deployment of a protective Russian anti-aircraft umbrella covering the entire country. I doubt we could have the same understanding if it was a Pindosi umbrella.

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