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Republican Jews Slam Democrats for Anti-Israel Tone at Convention
Nathan Guttman, Forward, Jul 29 2016

Jewish Republicans were watching the Democrat convention in Philadelphia very closely, and they didn’t like what they saw when it comes to Israel. This 60-second video ad put out by the Republican Jewish Coalition Friday derided the Democrats as Israel-hating radicals. The RJC’s recap of the week’s highlights include Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson calling Israeli settlers termites, the waving of a Palestinian flag on the convention floor, and the burning of Israeli flag outside the convention. The RJC ad states:

Anti Israel voices are all around Philadelphia.

Expressing what could be seen as nostalgic longing to a time when, apparently, Jewish Republicans were sympathetic toward Democrats, the ad concludes:

Sadly, this isn’t the old Democrat Party, it’s today’s Democrat Party.

RJC executive director Matt Brooks said in a statement:

The DNC is a hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment. While strong support for Israel was once a bipartisan issue, after this week it’s clear a vocal and growing number of Democrats no longer believe in our crucial alliance.

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