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Who the Muslim Father’s DNC Speech Really Pandered To
Peter Van Buren, We Meant Well, Jul 31 2016

Last Thursday night, speaking at the DNC, Khizr Khan paid tribute to his son, Army Captain Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq on Jun 8 2004, after he tried to stop a suicide bomber. As for every parent, husband, wife, brother, sister and friend who lost someone in any war, I grieve with them. I am sorry for the Khans’ loss. I am a parent, and I can all too easily be sent to thinking about the loss of a child. So go ahead and hate on me. But of the almost 7,000 Pindosi families who lost sons and daughters in the last 15 years of GWOT, why did the Democrats choose a single Muslim family to highlight? No one knows how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of non-Pindosi Muslims were killed as collateral damage along the way in those wars. Who spoke for them at the Convention? I found the Democrats’ message shallow. It was pandering of the most contemptible kind, but not as some say simple pandering for Muslim votes from those alienated by Trump’s rhetoric. The Democrat pandering was to a Pindostan that wants to believe we have good Muslims (who express their goodness by sending their kids to fight our wars) and “they” have the bad Muslims (who express their badness by sending their kids to fight their wars.) The pandering was to the cozy narrative that makes the majority of Pindosis comfortable with perpetual war in the MENA. At one point Khan challenged Trump, saying: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” True. But let us also remember that the Clinton family sent no one to war. Their daughter did not serve, any more than any Trump kid. Bill and Hillary served exactly as many days as Trump and Melania. Khan should have been more inclusive in his condemnation. I would also like to ask Khan how he reconciles his son’s death with the fact that only a few years later Iraq is still deep in war. Trump is an ass and I do not support him in any way. I am particularly troubled by his hate speech directed at Muslims, and Mexicans, and everyone else he hates. It is not disrespectful to discuss these things. Khan choose to put himself and his son’s death on television to serve a partisan political purpose. We need to talk about what he talked about.

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  1. Waka/Jawajka
    Posted August 1, 2016 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    Forward Magazine has an article by one Jane Eisner, titled “Donald Trump’s Attack On This Muslim Family Puts Us All to Shame”. I didn’t read the article, obviously, but the headline alone would be comedy gold if it weren’t so hypocritical, deceitful and altogether nasty. How about operation Cast Lead, Jane? Did that make you feel ashamed? No? Thought so. I just looked up her name and found numerous articles by and about her, including one about a Palestinian doctor who lost his three young daughters during one of the Cast Lead bombardments. In it she goes on and on about …

    – a particularly daunting exercise (poor IDF lads and lasses)
    – unpredictable catastrophes that occur in wartime (they were perfectly predictable)
    – innocents are bound to die in such circumstances (the deaths of innocents were a war aim)

    … but not a word about the sheer criminality of the operation (bombardment of a civilian population, the use of white phosphorus etc.). Trump only makes me cringe, Ms Eisner makes me puke.

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