mad nadezhda

It never happened before, and here it is
again: Savchenko declared a hunger-strike

Colonel Cassad, Aug 2 2016


Ukrainian pilot and MP protests against inaction in the issue of the resumption of the practice of exchange of detainees for the Donbass fighters APU. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nadia Savchenko went on hunger strike again. This time the reason was the inaction of the authorities in the matter of a release from captivity of Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass. She said of her dismissal from the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

A mechanism of my dismissal was a protest hunger the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities. Today I again go on hunger strike the inaction of those in power around the world for the liberation of Ukrainians from captivity. The hunger strike will keep until the day of a positive result.

I am sometimes asked, why do so few write about the adventures of Savchenko in Ukraine; just as before, few wrote about her “weight loss” in the Russian prison. In my opinion, she’s a completely phony clown character, moreover she has blood on her hands. When she tries to portray a “promising leader” or a “national policy,” I find these inspirational statements a bit funny. She’s just a random person, like many who were in the punisher battalions, who because of military and political circumstances has become part of the propaganda war of Ukraine against Russia. There’s nothing interesting about her as an individual, and this in my opinion was as obvious in the case of incarceration in a Russian prison, as in the course of fresh adventures of Savchenko in Ukraine, which is sometimes like a dull re-release of the adventures of Semen Semenchenko. In light of the current disillusionment in Ukraine with the real as opposed to the media Savchenko, you can observe the process of debunking another phony hero who turned out to be a naked king or in our case, the naked Queen.

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