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Today last day for Brazil’s suspended president to submit written defense
Iolando Lourenço, Luciano Nascimento, Agência Brasil, Jul 28 2016

The deadline set for suspended President Dilma Rousseff to deliver her defense to the Senate’s Procedural Impeachment Commission ends today (Jul 28). Before the final vote in full chamber scheduled for Aug 25, defense and prosecution will make statements again in the commission. According to Rousseff’s press office, the documents with the case’s final arguments will be submitted by former Minister José Eduardo Cardozo, one of her defense counsel. Initially, the deadline would end on Jul 27, but it was extended for extra 24 hours at the defense’s request. Tough it was extended, Senator Raimundo Lira, head of the Procedural Impeachment Commission, has not changed the schedule arranged by senators. According to the schedule, Senator Antonio Anastasia, responsible for delivering the report, will have until Aug 1, to prepare his recommendation on the complaint. The report will be read at the commission on Aug 2, and is expected to be voted on Aug 4. To approve or reject it, a simple majority is required, half plus one of the senators attending the session. The document will be submitted to the full chamber to be read on Aug 5. After new rounds of discussion and statements to be made by the president’s defense and the plaintiffs of the case in commission, the final vote on the report in full chamber is scheduled for Aug 25, chaired by the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski.

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